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History of Hebei University of Technology

istory of Hebei University of Technology
1903: Founded with the name Beiyang Technical School
1904: Renamed as Zhili Higher School of Technology
1. Li Qiang, Party Committee Secretary
2. President Zhan Yong, Party Committee Vice Secretary
1929: Renamed as Hebei Provincial Technological Institute
1946: Renamed as Hebei Provincial Institute of Technology
1950: Renamed as Hebei Institute of Technology
1951: Merged with Beiyang University as Tianjin University
1958: Re-established as Hebei Institute of Technology
1962: Integrated with Tianjin Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Institute, Tianjin Institute of Chemical Technology as well as Tianjin Construction and Engineering Institute into Tianjin Institute of Technology, Hebei Province.
1971: Restored with the name Hebei Institute of Technology
1995: RenamedHebei University of Technology, with the inscription by Jiang Zemin, former General -Secretary of CPC.
1996: Enlisted as one of the first key universities in the national“Project 211" (which grants certain universities special funding). Successfully completed the three stages of construction.
The school has seen a breathtaking pace of development and the comprehensive educational strength has improved significantly.