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Delegation from The University of Arizona Visits HEBUT

Translator: 国际交流与合作处 Editor: release date :2019-08-10


On August 8th, HEBUT leadership met with Robert Robbins, president of the University of Arizona (UA), Brent White, vice president of the UA, and Wang Yonggang, assistant vice president of Chinese Affairs and Initiatives of the UA, to promote the construction of the "HEBUT Arizona College of Technology".  


In the morning, Prof. Han Xu and Prof. Ma Guowei attended the meeting. The two sides exchanged ideas on the construction of the joint college in regard to site selection, infrastructure construction, personnel training, teacher development, curriculum design and enrollment. The two sides also discussed the possibility of cooperation in teacher exchanges, graduate programs, student exchanges, scientific research and other aspects.


In the afternoon, Prof. Li Qiang met with the delegation at the Beichen Campus. He hopes to build the joint college with high standards. He also discussed with the delegation on the construction of a joint international high school. Subsequently, the delegation had a discussion with the relevant schools at HEBUT, covering the curriculum and teaching of the three majors of the new college: Mechanical Design manufacturing and Automation, Material Physics and Applied Physics.


Robert Robbins and his delegation also visited the School History Museum, the State Key Laboratory of the School of Electrical Engineering, the Beichen Campus Library, the Laboratory of School of Civil Engineering and Transportation and the School of Mechanical Engineering.


After the visit, Prof. Robbins said that HEBUT is a high-level university with a long history, distinctive characteristics and advanced educational concepts. The UA is a world-renowned university with a strong faculty and research team. The new college jointly established by the two sides will be able to nurture high-quality talents and serve the economic and social development of the two countries.





Translated by Zhu Lei, revised by Zhang Shanglian and proofread by Shi Gengshan