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Delegation from Western Sydney University Visits HEBUT

Translator: 国际交流与合作处 Editor: release date :2019-04-30

On April 25, a delegation from Western Sydney UniversityWSUvisited HEBUT, including Prof. Yang Chunhui and Prof. Zhang Yixia. Prof. Ma Guowei, vice president of HEBUT, received the delegation, and relevant personnel from the International Office, the School of Civil Engineering and Transportation, and the School of Mechanical Engineering participated in the talks.


Prof. Ma welcomed the delegation and introduced HEBUT and her recent progress in international cooperation. Prof. Zhang, then, introduced the international programs at WSU, including faculty exchanges, training, “2+2” programs for bachelor’s degrees and “3+1+1.5” programs for master’s degrees as well as a joint double-degree doctoral program. Moreover, she is confident that WSU will aim at effective and feasible programs with HEBUT to enhance the cooperation between the two sides in teaching and research. She also offered a Q and A after her talk.


Finally, Prof. Ma, on behalf of HEBUT and the School of Civil Engineering and Transportation, held an appointment ceremony for Prof. Zhang as a part-time professor.


Established in 1989, WSU is based in New South Wales, Australia, and is Australia's first united university with the largest campus network (10 campuses). In 2019, it ranks 320th in U.S. News Best Global Universities Rankings. WSU boasts a leading engineering school with mechnical engineering and civil engineering as their key disciplines (The civil engineering at WSU ranks the top 5 in Australia).







Translated by Li Lianfei, revised by and proofread by Shi Gengshan