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Special Project of National Key R&D Plan“Intelligent Robot” Headed by Prof. Han Xu Launched

Translator: 国际交流与合作处 Editor: release date :2018-04-08

       On March 24th, the kick-off meeting, which was also the project implementation seminar for the project headed by Prof. Han Xu— “Quality Assurance and Improvement Technology for Reliability of the Data-driven Industrial Robot”, a special project of the National Key R&D Plan “Intelligent Robot”, was held in Tianjin. The meeting was hosted by Duan Guolin, vice president of HEBUT.

       As the project leader, Han Xu gave a full account of the detailed information and implementation plans of the project, whose goal is to establish a technological system for the quality assurance of the reliability of industrial robots. In order to overcome the deficiencies of the domestic industrial robots, such as short mean time between failures, lack of stability and precision retaining ability, etc., it aims to make breakthroughs in technologies concerning the modeling, designing, assessment and testing of the industrial robots; meanwhile, the project also aims for setting standards, a design platform for the reliability of the robots, thus perfecting the necessary technology in this field.

        Technologies developed from this project will be applied to the products of no less than three domestic main engine plants, which will ensure the mean time between failures as long as 80,000 hours, providing technical support in improving the reliability of domestic industrial robots.
        Later in the meeting, as the initiator, representatives of HEBUT, together with the other three organizations that are involved in the project, discussed the issues such as the objective of the project, task breakdown, assessment indices, demonstration plans and project schedule, etc.. The experts’ consensus will guarantee a smooth process for the project in the coming days.

       The project is the first one of the National Key R&D Plan that HEBUT undertook as the leading role. The project suggests that HEBUT has been highly recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology in terms of its unique advantages in the field of the “Intelligent Robot”. The project also serves as a further stride in constructing HEBUT into a world-class university with world-class disciplines.

Translated by Sun Meng, revised and proofread by Shi Gengshan