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Cooperation Agreement Signed between HEBUT and Bazhou Municipal People's Government

Translator: 国际合作与交流处 Editor: release date :2017-10-09

On the afternoon of September 29, 2017, an all-round strategic cooperation agreement was signed between HEBUT and Bazhou Municipal People's Government. Then both sides held a meeting for future cooperation between the university and local enterprises.

According to the agreement, HEBUT and Bazhou will establish a comprehensive strategic cooperation relationship. Combining the talent and technological advantages of HEBUT with regional resources of Bazhou, both sides will co-construct science and technology platforms and personnel training bases, and carry out multiple scientific research cooperation. The agreement aims to boost the economical, ecological and environmental development in Bazhou and first-class discipline construction of HEBUT.

After the signing ceremony, HEBUT made in-depth exchanges with Bazhou Hongsheng Industries Co., Ltd., Hebei Tian Hao Rui Gong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and other nine major enterprises on their respective key technical problems, reaching a preliminary agreement for further cooperation between the university and the enterprises.

It is a major step for HEBUT to carry out university-government and university-enterprise  cooperation to deepen the university’s comprehensive reform, to serve the regional, economic and social development and to promote Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration. The agreement will provide a solid strategic platform to accelerate the sound development of HEBUT.

Before the signing ceremony, President Han Xu visited Bazhou City Planning Exhibition Hall.


Translated by Liu Chao, revised by Zhang Shanglian and proofread by Shi Gengshan