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President Guo Jian Visited Zambia and South Africa with Education Delegation of Hebei Province

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2016-04-07
At the invitation of the Ministry of Higher Education in Zambia and Cape Peninsula University of Technology of South Africa, members of Education Delegation of Hebei province, Guo Shuliang, Deputy-Director General of the Education Department of Hebei province, Guo Jian, President of Hebei University of Technology, Dong Zhaowei, Party Secretary of Hebei University of Economics and Business, etc., visited Zambia and South Africa, attending new building ceremony of the Confucius Institute and books donation and discussing establishment of the Confucius Institute at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, from March 19 to 27, 2016.
On March 21 Zambian local time, Chairman of the China's National People's Congress Standing Committee, Zhang Dejiang and Vice-President of Zambia Inonge Wina visited the Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia developed with Hebei University of Economics and Business and attended the new building ceremony and books donation.
Chairman Zhang was very interested in the development of the Confucius Institutes. He listened to the reports, given by the President of the University of Zambia and Dean of the Confucius Institute respectively, as well as watching the performance of the students in the Confucius Institute. The handover ceremony of the new building and books was held at the Confucius Institute Library, and Zhang Dejiang handed building keys and donated books over to Zambian Vice President Wina. Vice President Wina expressed her appreciation for the assistance from Chinese governmentand wished the friendship between China and Zambia last forever. After the ceremony, Chairman Zhang and Vice-President Wina planted friendship trees in front of the libraryand had a picture with all staff.
More than 500 people, including members of the Chinese delegation, officials of the Ministry of Education, staff of the University of Zambia, members of education delegation of Hebei provinceand students and staff of the Confucius Institute attended to theceremony.
Before the ceremony, the delegation had an informal discussion with the leadership of the Ministry of Higher Education of Zambia and the University of Zambia. On March 22, the delegation visited Libes College and communicated with the teachers in Confucius Classroom at the college to know teaching approaches and students’ academic achievement.
On March 24 South African local time, the delegation visited Tshwane University of Technology. President Guo communicated and discussed with the officials of Tshwane University of Technology on the exchange programs for both teachers and students, academic and research cooperation and joint school-running in the fields of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Engineering Management, etc., and signed a letter of intent.
On March 25, the delegation visited Cape Peninsula University of Technology to facilitate the communication between two universities and Confucius Institute establishment, agreed on the next working plan and cooperation scheme. The application materials of jointly founding Confucius Institute by the two universities have already been received by Hanban, which will deepen the comprehensive cooperation between the two universities, including teachers and students exchange programs, research cooperation projects, and other potential cooperative fields.
The visit has furthered the understanding and friendship between our university and the universities in both Zambia and South Africa, enhanced the cooperation programs between universities, and established a good foundation to set up Confucius Institutes.The commitment by President Xi Jinping in the Forum on China-Africa cooperation was implemented and made progress: Beijing will welcome the arrival of the new era of China-Africa “win-win cooperation” with African countries.

 Chairman Zhang handing over keys to Vice-President Wina

President Guo Jian and Tshwane University of Technology leadership

Delegation meeting with Cape Peninsula University of Technology leadership