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Prof. Haddad from Cardiff University in the UK, Visited HEBUT

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2014-03-15

     Professor Manu Haddad, vice dean of the College of Engineering ,Cardiff University in the UK and internationally renowned expert in the electrical field, visited the school of Electrical Engineering,HEBUT on the morning of March 14. As a renowned expert of the high voltage engineering direction, Professor Manu Haddad gave an academic report with the theme of "High Voltage Research at Cardiff University" to the faculty and students.


       Professor Manu Haddad introduced the general situation of the College of Engineering, Cardiff University at first and then focused on his research achievements at the aspects of high voltage and lightning made by the College. The teachers and students conducted academic exchanges with Professor Manu Haddad regarding issues of common concern after the report.  


     After the report meeting, professor Manu Haddad visited labs of the School of Electrical Engineering and had an informal discussion with professors and some backbone teachers here, they had a thorough communication in the aspects of scientific research cooperation and united to train students. Prof. Manu Haddad spoke highly of the research achievements of the School of EE, and both parties agree to strengthen the cooperation between electromagnetic computing research and students training. 

Prof. Manu Haddad  obtained the degree of Ingénieur d’Etat in Electrical Engineering in 1985 and then a PhD in High Voltage Engineering in 1990. Following graduation, he took up a Research Associate position, to carry out investigations on the characterisation of ZnO (Zinc Oxide) surge arresters including their very fast transient response. In 1995, he was appointed as a Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer in electrical engineering at Cardiff University, with responsibility for the High Voltage Research Group and lecturing duties in high voltage engineering, power systems, electromagnetics, mathematics and electrical circuits.