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Academic Report from Prof. Stephen Marsland of Massey University

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2014-03-18

      On the afternoon of March 17, professor Stephen Marsland of Massey University in New Zealand gave an academic report entitled Shape Analysis in the Lecture Hall No.102 in School of Computer Science and Engnieering, HEBUT.



      Stephen Marsland serves as the director of graduate students of the College all along and always devotes himself to the research of the differential homeomorphic group of Euler equations, machine learning and complexity learning.  

      Professor Stephen explained the shape-based calculation and the mathematical analysis and the application in medical image analysis to the audience, and gave examples about how to apply shape analysis to practice through computers. The teachers and students presenting at the meeting showed a keen interest in the teaching method of Professor Stephen, which is excellent of both pictures and the accompanying essay with illustrations, they asked questions actively and had further communication.