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The Key Lab of SFM for Ecological Environment and Information Passed Acceptance of MOE

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2014-02-28
The Key Laboratory of Special functional   materials for ecological environment and information ,Hebei Universityof Technology(HEBUT), Ministry of Education(MOE),PRC, successfully passed through the acceptance of expert group from Ministry of Education.

On January 8, 2014, the Science and Technology Division for Ministry of Education organizes experts to check and accept the construction project, namely the ‘Ecological environment and information special-function material Provincial building Ministry of Education key laboratory’ in our university. On the basis of hearing reports and on-the-spot investigation, and after having questioning and serious discussion, the acceptance expert group draws a conclusion that the construction task of the ‘Ecological environment and information special-function material Provincial building Ministry of Education key laboratory’ is over-fulfilled, achieving the construction requirements and standards for the key laboratory for Ministry of Education, and fully agreed by acceptance. The acceptance expert group thinks that the Ecological environment and information special function material Provincial building Ministry of Education key laboratory for HEBUT is embraced construction goals and task, well organized for implementation, to fully complete the expected construction goals and each items of construction tasks, which respectively takes shape its own advantages and features on the basic research for application of components, structures, and performances for Environment functional material, on the components, structures, and performances for information functional material, on the basic research for application between micro-material structure and performance, and between Bioinformatics transportation control and materials, and other research fields, meanwhile, a batch of landmark achievements having higher display level is produced.

Based on characteristic direction, the laboratory builds up functional materials, national strategic emerging industries newly added undergraduate major, and is incorporated into the construction plan of state-level undergraduate major comprehensive pilot reform, which significantly promotes the levels for national key discipline scientific research level and professional construction relying on the Materials Physics and Chemistry of the university. Significant achievements have been fulfilled in terms of talent team construction, forming a team where high-level academic leaders and technical leaders are leading talents, and the young and middle-aged professors are academic backbone, and critical headways have been achieved on purchase and use for large instruments, expenditure collection and use, opening communication and standardized management for the laboratory and other fields as well. The expert group advises that the laboratory should be continuously strengthened its own features and further condensed research orientation, at the same time, advises that Ministry of Education, Education Department, HEBUT and other associated departments should continuously support and send up the construction process of the laboratory.