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Start of new library in Beichen campus of HEBUT

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2014-02-28
In the morning of February 17, 2014, the commencement ceremony of a new library in Beichen campus of our university is held, this construction thereof gathers earnest expectation of extensive teachers and students, which is a great event in the history of the construction development of our university.

The overall floorage of the project for Beichen district library is 44,974 square meters, the main building comprises 8 layers above ground and 1 layer of underground, and it is a frame structure, there are 2.4 million books, provided with 4,500 seats, and the building height thereof is 43.7 meters. The project is designed by the architectural design and research institute of Tong-Ji University, and the Tianjin second Construction Engineering Co., Ltd is responsible for the construction thereof.

The newly added library will become the landmark building in the Beichen campus of our university, and provide more comprehensive services for teaching and scientific research, which is to be a document storage center, an Information clearing-house, a digital document collection center, a cultural exchange center, and a student out-of-class learning center in Beichen campus, greatly improve the operation conditions of our university, perfect the function for running of the Beichen campus, and to provide excellent teaching and scientific research environment for teachers and students.