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Comprehensively boosting information construction in HEBUT

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2014-02-18
In 2013, the information system construction of our university (HEBUT) highlights a concept of service, share and integration, and smoothly runs several information system online services by means of serving teachers and students as a starting point, and on the basis of shared data optimization resources, including a ‘campus card system’, ‘management system on new website and site group’, ‘system on collecting and feedback teachers and students opinions’, an ‘administrator online checking system’, a financial referral information system’, ‘network campus broadcasting system’, ‘multi-media classroom network management system’, ‘large equipment online sharing platform’, ‘network energy-saving monitoring platform’, and a ‘multiple campuses integrated network video monitoring system’. 

The overall structure and application service of digital campus for our university are more abundant, and a digital campus implementation mode has been established, where the platform construction is driven via the construction of application system optimizing the former one, both of the two are supplemented with each other, thus to constantly improve the level of service.
In 2014, the basic framework of digital campus is completed via integrating and upgrading comprehensive educational administration, human resources and research services and other systems on the basis of further fulfilling the foundation support platform of digital campus, and the depth fusion between information technology and teaching, scientific research should be explored, which provides more convenient and fast information services for majority of teachers and students, and provides an accurate, unified and efficient information technology support for teaching, scientific research and management of our university.