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Overseas Students at HEBUT Participate in National Forum

Translator: 国际交流与合作处 Editor: release date :2019-04-09

In order to further implement The Opinions on Doing a Good Job in the Opening of Education in the New Period, create a “Study in China” brand and show the achievements of the improved quality and efficiency in overseas education, China Association for International Education and Sichuan Provincial Department of Education jointly sponsored the International Doctoral Forum during Higher Education Expo China in Chengdu, with the theme of "Study in China"--- Commemorating the Fortieth Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up. As a representative of Hebei Province, Nelofar, a doctoral student of the School of Electronic and Information Engineering of HEBUT, shared her stories and insights about her studies in China with 22 counterparts from other famous universities all over the country and gave a presentation entitled Self-efficacy and Academic Situation of PhD Research in Renewable Wireless Sensor Networks.





Translated by Guo Xue, revised by Zhang Shanglian and proofread by Shi Gengshan