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HEBUTERs' Record Achievements in Innovation Design Competition

Translator: 国际交流与合作处 Editor: release date :2018-09-06

HEBUTERs make record achievement in the 4th National Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Innovation Design Competition, winning 4 first prizes, 2 second prizes and 5 third prizes. The competition is sponsored by the National Advisory Committee for Biomedical Engineering Education. The final competition was hosted from August 26 to 28 at Shenzhen University and HEBUT becomes one of the universities that have won the most first prizes and is honored as “Excellent Organization Unit”.

The competition, with the themes of human health, medical care, diagnosis and treatment, medical imaging and other related biomedical hotspots, attracted 360 teams from Tsinghua University, Southeast University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University and other major universities in China. The entries basically covers the current frontier hotspots in the field of biomedical engineering, including medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, mobile medical care, wearable health equipment, medical signal and image processing, rehabilitation robots, environmental parameters detection, etc.

      The record achievement has been made possible under the guidance and support from the Youth League Committee of HEBUT and the School of Electrical Engineering. They joined their efforts in promoting innovative and practical activities in the field of medical treatment and health care and organized campus selection competitions, pre-competition trainings, pre-final trainings and so on. The instructors and the contestants also took advantage of their weekends and summer vacation to prepare for the competition.


Translated by Liu Xu , revised by Ma Yongliang and proofread by Shi Gengshan