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Prof. J. Sievert Invited for Academic Exchanges

Translator: School of Electrical Engineering Editor: release date :2014-01-08

    Upon the invitation from School of Electrical Engineering of HEBUT, Professor Johannes Sievert, a famous international expert in electrical and magnetic measurement and former director of Magnetic Measurement Lab of Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), visited HEBUT for academic exchange from October 11 to November 1, 2013. Professor Sievert totally made four speeches. This School organized relevant technical backbone teachers and graduates to listen to his speeches, and the effects of these speeches met the expectation.


Speech I:


    On October 17, 2013, Professor Sievert made a wonderful speech named “Magnetism and Magnetic Materials – an Introduction: Part 1” from 3:00 pm in the report hall of the S&T Building. He first reviewed the Maxwell Equation for electromagnetic field, and then analyzed in detailed but simple terms various soft magnetic materials, permanent magnetic materials and their magnetic properties from the aspect of magnetic domain.


Speech II:


    On October 21, Professor Sievert gave a second speech on magnetism and magnetic materials in the report hall of the S&T Building. He first explained the physical principles of magnetic materials and basic magnetic properties of various magnetic materials, and analyzed measurement of magnetic properties of magnetic materials based on physical properties of such materials and from an engineering aspect. Then, he introduced some measurement methods such as ring sample method, Epstein frame method and single piece method, and relevant international standards. Later, he introduced the magnetic property measurement of SMC materials and new type magnetic materials as well as the actual application, and pointed out the wide application prospect of SMC materials and amorphous materials. In the Q&A phase, Professor Sievert answered carefully the questions of the audience one by one.


Speech III:


    In the morning of October 22, Professor Sievert gave a special speech on the measurement method of alternating magnetic properties of magnetic materials in Meeting Room 202 of the S&T Building in East Section of HEBUT. He explained in detail the measurement methods of magnetic properties of magnetic materials and related key technologies, and helped by means of examples the audience to better understand the key research points in alternating measurement. Besides, he analyzed magnetic domain movement of magnetic materials from a microscopic aspect, and organized a discussion on hysteresis.


Speech IV:


    At the afternoon of October 28, Professor Sievert gave another special speech on measurement of magnetic properties of magnetic materials in Meeting Room 202 of the S&T Building in East Section of HEBUT. In this speech, he explained in detail the rotating magnetic property measurement technique. At first, he explained in detail some definitions involved in the measurement experiment, and then he introduced the development course of magnetic measurement and made a comparative analysis on the experimental results of different measurement methods. Later, he showed the audience the pictures of the experiment devices used for the different measurement methods, and emphasized some key points in design of such devices. In the discussion phase, the audience brought forward many questions, and Professor Sievert answered them in detail.


 The teachers and students who listened to the speeches of Professor
Johannes Sievert learned a lot from his wide knowledge, modesty and prudence in study, unique analysis aspect and incisive analysis. These academic exchange events further improved the academic atmosphere of the School and made due contribution to the development of the School toward a high-level school!