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The Delegation from Winona State University

Translator: International office Editor: release date :2014-01-08

In the morning of May 20th, the Chairperson Ethan Krase and Associate Professor Liberty Kohn of English Department from Winona State University (WSU), which has an Exchange Cooperation Program with our university, came to visit our university. The Dean Suying Gao and Vice Dean Zhonghang Bai from School of International Education held a meeting with the foreign guests in the conference room. At the beginning of the meeting, the foreign guests introduced the situation about the students under the cooperation program who are studying in Winona State University now. The guests spoke highly of the students performances in WSU. And then, Dean Gao discussed the details referring to the cooperation program with the guests. Additionally, both sides are looking forward to run a further cooperation in the fields of Master Degree program and teachers training program.

In the afternoon, the two foreign guests visited the School of Foreign Languages of HEBUT in Beichen Campus. The English teachers graduated from WSU, who are working in the School of Foreign Languages, talked about their English teaching classes with their previous professors.

On May 21st, the guests observed two English classes, which were taught by the teachers who studied in WSU, and doing their internship in HEBUT now. On May 22nd, the guests introduced the information about WSU to the students, studying in the School of International Education. Furthermore, they answered the students
questions patiently and friendly.

So far, the students went to America from 2003 to 2010 have graduated. Some of the students continue pursue their Master Degree in America, and others are hired by the famous companies. The students, who went to America in 2011and 2012, are still studying abroad.