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Vice President Gregg Lassen JD in University of New Orleans Visited HEBUT

Translator: International office Editor: release date :2014-01-08




Executive vice President Gregg Lassen JD and vice Dean Stanley Su of Education School in University of New Orleans visited our school on 21, Nov. Vice President Liu Bing met delegation of University of New Orleans and gave a banquet in their honor and exchanged gifts in both sides, while making in-depth discussion on the feasibility of cooperative education and academic exchange between two universities on the future.

The delegation visited the campus in Lang Fang and made a communication with the person in charge of the campus; later visited the Beichen campus , History Museum of University.

Subsequently, the two sides had a discussion at school conference room. Dean Gao had a detailed description of the current overall development of our school and the “4+0” “2+2” “3+1” program with other schools. Then, the two sides also had a specific consultation on some issues like language training for international students, faculty and  student exchange.

The University of New Orleans was established in 1956 which was a comprehensive public University offering bachelor, master, doctoral programs. It was located in the beautiful south shore Pangzhatelan and its main campus covers 240 acres (about 971,280 square meters). The famous subjects of University of New Orleans are: Maritime Industry, Marine Engineering, Jazz Music, Tourism, MBA and Computer Science.