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Professor Srini Raghavan Visited HEBUT

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2017-06-09
Professor Srini Raghavan Visited HEBUT

June 2nd saw the meeting of Li Qiang, Party Secretary of HEBUT, with Srini Reghavan, a renowned professor of the University of Arizona and a visiting professor of HEBUT, who is well-known in the fields of materials, chemical and environmental engineering, and pharmaceutical practice. Representatives from the Institute of Microelectronics and the International Affairs Department also attended the meeting.

Prof. Li Qiang first introduced the leading disciplines of HEBUT, the significance of the national strategy to establish the Xiong’an New District and HEBUT’s planning of Xiong’an Campus. He also affirmed the fruitful cooperation of both universities in scientific research via Professor Raghavan’s connection. Li urged the two sides to enhance the on-going joint projects and PhD programs and explore more potential cooperation. In his remarks, Li thanked Prof. Liu Yuling from the Institute of Microelectronics for his team’s efforts to promote the internationalization of HEBUT, and encouraged him to achieve more by cooperating with Prof. Raghavan’s team.

In the meeting, Prof. Raghavan made a brief introduction to the University of Arizona and showed their strong willingness to further cooperate with HEBUT. He hoped that he could pave the way for leaders’ mutual visits. Prof. Raghavan also exchanged his ideas with Li Qiang on other topics he was interested in.

                                             (Translated by Zhang Jingjing, revised by Ma Yongliang and proofread by Shi Gengshan)