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Report by CAE Academician Duan Baoyan Delivered at HEBUT

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2017-04-06
Report by CAE Academician Duan Baoyan Delivered at HEBUT

Prof. Duan Baoyan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, former President of Xi`an University of Science and Technology, delivered a report titled "Large radio telescope and deep space detection technology" for the faculty and students of School of Mechanical Engineering and School of Electrical Engineering at 15:40 on Mar. 2, 2017. Prof. Han Xu, acting vice president and vice Party secretary of HEBUT, welcomed Prof. Duan to visit HEBUT and made a brief introduction to the academician’s background and research.

Prof. Duan started his report by relating the earth, fixed stars and the universe, thus setting the audience thinking about the relationships between human species and the whole universe. From the development of astronomical telescope, he introduced the advent of radio telescopes brought by human astronomical observations, deep space exploration, search for extraterrestrial life, space weather forecasting, and exploration of the wealth of the universe.
Prof. Duan also made a brief introduction to the history of radio telescope and its classic representatives, and then he gave a detailed elaboration on the development ideas of FAST radio telescope, the scientific research challenges and classification of space-borne deployable antennas, the application principles and its future development. In addition, Prof. Duan also encouraged the audience to do interdisciplinary studies on the fields of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

The report concluded with constructive Q and A interactions between the speaker and the audience.

(Translated by Bai Yuting, revised by Zhang Shanglian and proofread by Shi Gengshan)