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CAS Academician Zhang Suojiang Made Academic Exchanges with HEBUT

Translator: International office Editor: release date :2017-03-02
CAS Academician Zhang Suojiang Made Academic Exchanges with HEBUT

On February 24th, Prof. Zhang Suojiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, chief scientist of “973 Program” and director of Institute of Process Engineering of CAS, was invited to make academic exchanges with the School of Chemical Engineering. Professor Han Xu, deputy Party secretary and vice president of HEBUT, met with Prof. Zhang, expecting that he will offer more advice for the development of Chemical Engineering at HEBUT.

In the afternoon, Prof. Zhang gave a talk entitled “Green Process Innovation: a Quantum Perspective" for the faculty and students of the School of Chemical Engineering. First, based on his own overseas experiences as well as the history of his institute in CAS, Prof. Zhang introduced the current situation and future of Chemical Engineering Discipline and highlighted challenges and opportunities for energy and environment in China. He also shared some ideas and thoughts of scientific and technological innovation from successful scientists. Starting from research questions, he specifically emphasized that academic research should be viewed in "maximum" and "minimum" perspectives. Meanwhile, focusing on the new technology and methods of ion liquid research and their application in green chemical industry, biomass transformation and power energy, Prof. Zhang introduced research achievements in his team, such as hydrogen bonding and clusters of ionic liquids, transfer law in ionic liquids and simulation of ionic liquids.

In addition, he also expressed his willingness to further strengthen the cooperation between HEBUT and CAS .

(Translated by He Wenyu, revised by Yu Yanhua and proofread by Shi Gengshan)