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Academic Reports by SAFEA Professors Delivered at School of Electrical Engineering

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2017-02-18
Academic Reports by SAFEA “Talent Recruitment” Professors Delivered at School of Electrical Engineering

Invited by School of Electrical Engineering, Prof. Sun Mingui、Zhang Yingze and Prof. Soochan Kim made academic exchanges and gave reports during 21st to 30th in December, 2016. This event was sponsored and supported by “Brain Network and Intelligent Neurons”, one key project in the Talent Recruitment Program by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA).

Prof. Sun and Zhang are from University of Pittsburgh and Prof. Soochan Kim is from Hankyong National University. Their reports are, respectively, “Wearable Devices Based on Microelectronics and Textile Technology”, “Precision Medicine and Translational Research in Lung Diseases” and “Bioimpendance and its application”. They also visited laboratories and the HEBUT History Museum.

Sun Mingui, Chair Professor and director of Computational Neuroscience laboratory of University of Pittsburgh, is an expert of Thousand Talent Plan and a visiting professor of HEBUT. University of Pittsburgh has been maintaining a friendly academic relationship with School of Electrical Engineering of HEBUT for almost two decades. Three academics of HEBUT have been to The University of Pittsburgh as visiting scholars and one doctoral student has been accepted to a joint training program there.

Specialized in Medical Impedance Information Detection and its Clinical Application, Prof. Soochan Kim ever visited Hopkins University and conducted co-research with Prof. Xu Guizhi and Dr. Guo Miaomiao of HEBUT.

The academic exchanges and reports have not only strengthened the friendly relationship among University of Pittsburgh, Hankyong National University and HEBUT, but also built a solid foundation for undertaking more Talent Recruitment Programs by SAFEA.

(Translated by Zhang Mingyao, revised by Jin Yan and proofread by Shi Gengshan)