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Visit of America Florida International University to Our University

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2014-10-21

The professor Kang K. Yen of America Florida International University visited our university on Oct. 10 and 11. The President Zhan Yong cordially met the foreign guests, gave each other gifts, and expressed the desire of long-term friendly cooperation between the two universities.
    During the visit, the Professor Kang K. Yen exchanged views on the related issues of cooperative education with the International Department and the College of Information Science, further discussed the existed problems in the undergraduate “4+0” project in depth, and deliberated about such problems as enrollment, tuition, course design, and teacher resources possibly occurred in the project cooperation process to preliminarily reach an agreement.
    The Professor Kang K. Yen also expressed concern on the students of the cooperation classes, friendly exchanged and communicated with Sino-US
Electrical majors of Grades 13 and 14 in Sino-US classroom of the Institute of International Education, and gave detailed answers to the questions from the students.

Florida International University was founded in 1972, located in the picturesque Miami City of Florida in America, which is one of the first 151 “Type-I research” universities among 5000 universities in America (the highest level of the national universities classified by the US government). The statistics in 2003 shall show that FIU is one of the 25 largest national universities, with nearly 50,000 internal students. It was also listed by US News as the nation's first 100 best public research universities, capable of awarding more than 200 bachelor, master, and doctor degrees.

The President Zhan Yong presents gifts to the Professor Kang K. Yen.