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Vice President of Suzuka International University of Japan Professor Hosoi Kazuhiko Visit HEBUT

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2014-10-20

    Professor Hosoi Kazuhiko, the vice president of Suzuka International University of Japan visited our university on Oct. 14 and 15, and continued to carry out the 2014 enrollment work of the “2+2” cooperation and exchange project with our university. During the period, Professor Li Yantao, the secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission and Professor Tan Runhua, the vice president respectively met the Vice President Hosoi Kazuhiko. Both sides hope to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation and promote common development of the two universities.

    During the visit, the Vice President Hosoi held the explanation session of Suzuka International University of Japan for the Japanese majors of our university, introducing the university situations, optional professional directions of our students in Japan and inauguration and study situations of the first four phases of graduated students (totally 36), and introducing the learning and life conditions of the fifth and sixth phases of totally 12 students currently in Suzuka International University in details. Moreover, he also conducted written and oral examinations for 11 students enrolled in the “2+2” cooperative education project in this year.

Suzuka International University with extremely beautiful natural environment is located in Suzuka City of the Sanchong County in Japan. Our university signed the agreement of academic exchanges with Suzuka International University in July, 2008 and established the interuniversity cooperation. The “2+2" cooperation and exchange project of our university and Suzuka International University is one of the main contents of cooperation and exchange between the two universities; graduation certificates and degree certificates of both universities shall be awarded to the graduated students. Since the start of the project for 6 years, 48 students our university has 48 students studying in Japan; totally 10 of the four phases of graduates admitted as the postgraduates of Kyoto University, Nagoya university, etc.; in March, 2015, 2 of the 6 upcoming graduates admitted as the postgraduates at Nagoya University and 1 admitted as the postgraduate at Suzuka International University. Other graduates well received are distributed in the banks, schools, business, and clubs of both two countries.



The Vice President Tan Runhua presents gifts to the Vice President Hosoi Kazuhiko.