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HEBUT Signing a Cooperation Agreement with British University of Huddersfield

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2014-09-12

    Five people including the vice president of British University of Huddersfield Professor Dave Taylor, the international famous woman scientist, the academician of The Royal Academy of Engineering, the Ministry of Education "Yangtze River Scholar" professor, the winner of National Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and the director of the EPSRC Center Professor Jiang Xiangqian, and the president of College of Computing and Engineering Professor Stephen Donili visited our university for cooperation and exchange. During the visit, the President Zhan Yong and, Vice Presidents Tan Runhua and Duan Guolin respectively cordially received the vice president delegation of The University of Huddersfield.

   During the visit, the delegation visited our history museum and gave a high evaluation to our history, theory on school management and development achievements; then, the two sides held talks, respectively introducing the histories and missions, extensively exchanging views on the future scientific research with the mechanical engineering discipline of our university and the cooperation and exchanges between the two universities, and formally signing a comprehensive cooperation agreement covering many fields of exchange of students and cooperation and research of teachers. After the meeting, the delegation visited our national innovation center and special robot laboratory.

    The University of Huddersfield was founded in 1825, having an excellent tradition of offering high-quality curriculum, close to the Huddersfield downtown area. The university has got high marks in the investigations on satisfaction of the university from all England college students in 2005, 2006 and 2007, enjoying the international reputation on the researches of multiple fields. The precision technology research center is the best recognized research center in England; the new acoustic research laboratory for music students is the first attempt of England universities. The university is seeking greater development through some important new investment and new initiatives, including the appointment of 20 new professors to further develop its research and related enterprises.

Visit the history museum.

Both sides hold talks.

Exchange gifts


Formally sign the comprehensive cooperation agreement.

Communicate with the College of Mechanical Engineering.