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Ohio State University Professor Xu Longya and General Electric Corporation Dr. Chi Song visit HEBUT

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2014-09-12

    The College of Electrical Engineering Professor Xu Longya of the American Ohio State University and the Global Development Center of the General Electric Corporationv Dr. Chi Song had academic exchanges on Sept. 4-7, 2014 at the invitation of College of Electrical Engineering.

    During the visit of Professor Xu Longya, the University Party Secretary Li Qiang and the President Zhan Yong respectively graciously received them and also had a friendly conversation on the introduction of high-level talents and the establishment of long-term cooperative research and exchanges

    On Sept 5, Professor Xu Longya and Dr. Chi Song respectively gave reports entitled as Optimal Topology Based on Wide Band Gap Power Device and Application to Electric System and Super High Speed Drive Systems, then visited the provincial building national laboratory cultivation base of College of Electrical Engineering, and also had an exchange forum with the backbone teachers.

   The President Zhan Yong personally awarded the distinguished professor appointment to the Professor Xu Longya in the administration building VIP room of the Beichen Campus in the morning on 6th. He said that Professor Xu Longya joining us is not only for the support of the campus but also for the support of the talent introduction, and hoped that the Professor Xu shall take more care, guidance and support to the construction and development of the electrical discipline in the future. Then, the President Zhan Yong led the Professor Xu Longya and the Dr. Chi Song to visit the Beichen Campus and introduced the development history and future planning thereof.

    In the morning of 7th, Professor Xu Longya and delegation visited the history museum and gave a high evaluation on the university history, theory on school management and development achievements.

Professor Xu Longya and Dr. Chi Song have an academic exchange in our university

Dr. Chi Song gives an academic report.

The President Zhan Yong cordially meets Professor Xu Longya and Dr. Chi Song.

The President Zhan Yong awards the appointment to Professor Xu Longya.

The Professor Xu Longya and delegation visit the Beichen Campus.

The Professor Xu Longya and delegation visit the history museum.


Brief introduction of Professor Xu Longya:

   The Professor Xu Longya is the specially invited expert for the national “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts”, the lifetime full professor of College of Electrical Engineering of American Ohio State University, the director of the High Performance Electrical and Electronic Research Center, and the IEEE FELLOW, once served as the secretary general, the vice president and the president of the Motor Committee of the IEEE/IAS Industry Applications Society, and the associate editor of the IEEE Electrical and Electronic Journal. And now he is known as the executive committee of the IEEE/IAS Industry Applications Society. The Professor Xu Longya mainly researches on the variable speed drive and the variable speed generation system and wide applications thereof to the aviation, automobile, and new energy bioengineering. He is one founder of Double Feed Wind Power Generation Control Technology, enjoying a high reputation in the international motor industry and electrical and electronic industry. He also won the IEEE-IAS Outstanding Achievement Award in 2014, which is the highest technical achievement award for IEEE-IAS.

Brief introduction of Dr. Chi Song:

    The Senior Engineer Chi Song, with master degree in the Department of Electrical Engineering of Tsinghua University and doctor's degree in The Ohio State University (USA), is now served as the senior engineer of the Global Research and Development Center of America General Electric (GE) Company, mainly engaged in innovative technology development and engineering transformation and design work, and successfully completed a number of development projects, such as the developments of the medium voltage inverter, the solar power converter, and the gradient magnetic field power converter of the nuclear magnetic resonance scanner.