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Visit of Delegation of Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland to Our University

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2014-11-01

    Professor Alberty Byrne, the dean of the College of Engineering of Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland, Ms. Hellen Griffith, the director for Asian Affairs and Mr. Tony Jie, the Aihua Association visited our university in the morning of Oct. 29.

    First of all, Professor Guo Jian thevice secretary of the School Party Committee exchanged views with the guests on culture exchange between China and Ireland and development course of the two universities. Both sides said to seize the cooperation opportunities to jointly promote the internationalization development of the two universities. Then, the two universities discussed and talked with each other on the cooperation like the short-term exchange of students and teachers, specifically discussed such issues as the undergraduate exchange form (3+1 or 2+1+1), the exchange term (year) selection, the professional training plan, and the curriculum, exchanged with each other on such contents as the training form of postgraduates, the training plan of doctoral candidates (medical direction), and construction and training of each professional English teacher team, and also said to know the materials for exchanges and cooperation as soon as possible so as to carry out the practical exchange project.

   In addition, the guests further visited the laboratory of the College of Control.

    The education delegation of Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland visited our university in May, 2014. The two sides signed a framework cooperation memorandum. Because of the good academic reputation of Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland in the humanity and engineering disciplines, the comprehensive strength of our university in science and engineering and humanity aspects shall be improved through substantive educational and cultural cooperation. Therefore, a solid foundation shall be laid for the further development of international cooperation and exchange, especially for the expansion of international visions of teachers, teacher training, and enhancement of overseas exchange experience of students.

Guo Jian, the vice secretary of the School Party Committee, accepts the gifts from the foreign
guests on behalf of our school and takes a group photo.

The leaders of the International Department and the International Academy have the forum
with the foreign guests at the conference room.
The foreign guests visit the laboratory of the College of Control.