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CIEE founding conference and inauguration ceremony held in our University

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2014-04-28
CIEE founding conference and inauguration ceremony held in our University
In order to give play to the comprehensive advantages of disciplines in our university better, promote interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary integration, optimize allocation of resources, preferably service the regional and national major development strategies, and accelerate the overall level improvement for subjects and school development, the College of Information and Electrical Engineering ,CIEE is founded in our university.                                                                                    
In the afternoon of April 24, the CIEE founding conference and inauguration ceremony was held on the conference room of the first floor, Eastern Science and Technology Building in our University. University Leadership, comprising Li Qiang, Zhan Yong, Guo Jian, Li Yantao, Wang Yanji, Zhang Jianchang, Yang Yuzhen, Duan Guolin, Liu Bing, and Yan Fuxing attend the conference. All members of the Academic Committee, each dean of school, Head of Langfang Branch and Functional Department, all professors of School of Electrical Engineering, School of Information Engineering, School of Control Science and Engineering, School Computer Science and Engineering also take part in the conference which is presided over by the Vice President, Wang Yanji.

On behalf of the University, the President, Zhan Yong, expresses heartfelt congratulations to each committee member firstly, and he points out that the four schools this College have long history, each discipline is combined with each other tightly, therefore, we decide to integrate the power of four schools via discussion and consultation for establishing the CIEE. Meanwhile, he points out that the department shall innovate the mechanism of subject construction, overall improve the level of discipline construction, cultivate a group of high-quality talents, develop a branch of interdisciplinary excellent team, and organize to declare and take on some influential large projects. And he hopes that CIEE will be built as a technological innovation and talent cultivation highland on Information and Electrical Engineering field being the second to none in Hebei Province, and having great influence across the country, and international competitiveness.

Later on, the University Party Committee Secretary , Li Qiang, and the President , Zhan Yong unveil the nameplate for the CIEE.

Chairman of the CIEE introduces the background, purpose, and significance related to the establishing of CIEE in our College, the basic constitution and the job functions thereof, introduces the mission and working expectation thereof in detail, and outlooks the development prospect thereof, at the same time, reads out the CIEE professor committee members list and the human resources committee members list.
The representative of professor committee, Li Zhigang expresses that the academic seminars for each discipline will be carried out regularly, the academic comments, review and argumentation works given by superior departments will be accomplished seriously, achieving a purpose of unified standard, correct procedures, and having rules to follow, working with due diligence, and serving each college actively.

Finally, the Secretary of the University Party Committee , Li Qiang, talks about his understanding on CIEE system reform. He thinks that the CIEE is a kind of organizational form for carrying out academic evaluation and review, advocating academic freedom, professor research implementation, and democratic management promotion. The CIEE system reform is the intrinsic need of subject development, and the efficient path of deepening the university management structural reform, and establishing the modern university system, and has a great significance for the development of the school in the future, which is a process of constant exploration.