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New Session of Academic Committee formed in HEBUT

Translator: Inter. Office Editor: release date :2014-01-14
New Session of  Academic Committee formed in HEBUT
The meeting was held at Academic Hall ,Beichen Campus where the new session of the academic committee in HEBUT was formed on December 31, 2013 .
Prof. LI Qiang, Party secretary (HEBUT), Prof. ZHAN Yong ,President (HEBUT) , attended the meeting along with  part of faculty in HEBUT and presented letters of appointment to all 49 members of Academic Committee at HEBUTAC@HEBUT.
Prof. LU Jianguo ,selected as the  chairman of the new academic committee, representing all members of AC@HEBUT ,advocated for working strict accordance with the articles of committee, following the academic rules, respecting for academic freedom, fairness, justice, and publicly performing their duties.

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