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Our University Successfully Hosted the 15th National Conference on Fiber Concrete

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2014-09-25

The 15th National Conference on Fiber Concrete taking “high performance fiber reinforced concrete and application technology research and development thereof” as the theme was successfully held in our university on Sept. 20-21, 2014, which is hosted by the Professional Committee of Fiber Reinforced Concrete of the Concrete and Prestressed Concrete Institute of China Civil Engineering Society and undertaken by our university.

The conference attracted more than 200 experts and scholars from nearly 70 units of national colleges and universities, scientific research units and enterprises and received totally 95 theses. The authors were the national authorized experts on the fiber reinforced concrete. These theses were related to fiber research and development and new progress, technology research of advanced fiber reinforced concrete and application thereof, technology new progress of the fiber reinforced concrete structure, and research on other civil engineering materials and application technology thereof. Part of the theses shall be successively published in the Vol.6 in 2014 and the Vol.1 in 2015 of the Journal of Hebei University of Technology.

In conference, Professor Zhang Yamei, Professor Zhu Haitang, Professor Zhang Jun, Professor Yan Peiyu, Director Li Huajian, and Professor Liu Jiaping were invited to give invited reports, and Professor Xue Weichen, Professor Wen Baolian, Professor Wang Zhijie, and Dr. Mu Ru were invited to give special reports. 34 group academic report conferences and 44 academic reports were held. The academic reports were unique in views and novel in contents, opening up a new field of research of the fiber reinforced concrete. The conference also provided a work platform for academic exchange and cooperation discussion to such national technical personnel engaged in the technology research of the fiber reinforced concrete, education, construction, management, and production. During the conference, the experts also visited our history museum and praised the accumulated cultural deposits for 111 years.

The opening ceremony

The invited reports

The group reports

The closing ceremony

Group photo of representatives