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Hebut official micro-blog (sina) for freshmen

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2014-07-17
    For the convenience of freshmen in 2014, we provide several ways for them to get acquainted with the university and the procedure concerning enrollment and registration, and help them get prepared for their university life. The new media centre of university developed "Card List-Hebut official micro-blog(Sina) for freshmen" which gives a detailed introduction of the university, transportation, campus, peripheral services,etc., opens columns such as"your classmates", "campus account", "senior fellows", "outstanding teachers" and so on,  and set up topic section"we are right here for you" which aims to answer the questions of the freshmen and help them familiarize the university in a short time.  At the same time, the micro-blog and wechat will update every day, which will issue the latest arrangement and entrance education in detail. Your attention will be highly welcomed.