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School of Marine Science and Engineering

Translator: School of Marine Science and Engineering Editor: release date :2014-01-19

School of Marine Science and Engineering
School of Marine Science and Engineering of Hebei University of Technology was established to meet the demand of economic development in Hebei Province and Bohai-rim Region. There are 45 faculty and staff members including 9 professors, 10 associate professors and 11 assistant professors at school of Marine Science and Engineering. Among them, there are 2 National Outstanding Teachers, one State Council Expert for Special Allowance, 2 Outstanding Experts in Hebei province, 2 Young Experts with Outstanding Contribution, 4 PhD candidate supervisors, and 17 master degree candidate supervisors.
School of Marine Science and Engineering consists of Department of Marine Technology, Department of Marine Resources and Environment, Research Institute of Ocean Engineering, Center of Analysis and Testing and General Office. The school offers 2 PhD. And master programs in Ocean Chemical Engineering &Technology and Ocean Materials Chemistry & Engineering, and 2 undergraduate programs in Marine Technology and Maine Resources and Environment.
It has a research center and an innovation team supported by the Ministry of Education,China: Engineering Research Center of Seawater Utilization Technology of Ministry of Education and the Innovative Team on Chemical Technology for the Efficient Use of Sea Water. The school has established its characteristics and advantages in the fields of comprehensive utilization of seawater, desalination, marine functional materials, equipment for the utilization engineering of sea water, high value utilization of marine biological resources, and protection & restoration of ocean eco-environment. In the aspect of practical courses, the school has built 16 experimental platforms and one pilot pipe line for comprehensive utilization of seawater with an advanced level international wide, and also established practice and training bases in Qinhuangdao Marine Environment Monitoring Center (subjected to State Oceanic Administration), Caofeidian Industry Zone of Tangshan and Scientific Research Institute of Ocean & Fisheries of Hebei Province.

Building of, School of Marine Science and Engineering

Department of Marine Technology
Department of marine technology is engaged in teaching and scientific research work of development and utilization of seawater chemical resources, water resources and biological resources. Now there are 12 teachers, among them, four are professors, two have the associate professor title, and six gained Ph. D degree, one is doctoral tutor, five are master’s tutors, one is national outstanding teacher, one is an outstanding Hebei provincial expert.
The department has undergraduate courses on marine chemistry, marine biology and marine environmental protection, and is qualified to enroll doctors and masters of Marine Chemical Engineering and Marine Materials Chemistry and Engineering. There are several equipments worthy several hundred million yuan, such as atomic absorption spectrophotometer, continuous ion exchange device, ED membrane separation and so on.

Practice bases are built in the Qinhuangdao marine environmental monitoring center station of national ocean bureau, Tangshan Caofeidian Industrial Zone and Hebei Ocean and Fisheries Science Research Institute. About 500 expertises in marine areas have been cultivated since the beginning enrollment in 2001, providing a strong motivation and intellectual support for the development of marine economy in china.
1 Marine Technology for Undergraduate Program
Cultivating objectives:
With the increasing depletion of freshwater and mineral resourcesthe development of coastal resources and marine economy has become the consensus of the coastal cities and provinceswhich has also been promoted to national strategies. The main professional learning of the major includes the basic theory and professional knowledge related to marine science, chemistry, life sciences and engineering technology, which are needed for the development of marine resource. Meanwhile, it also dedicates to fostering talents with the ability of senior engineering technology, scientific research, teaching and management.
Major courses
Oceanography,ocean chemistry, Chemical Engineering, botany, zoology, marine environment chemistry, modern separation technology, marine biotechnology
Terms of study4 years
DegreeBachelor of Engineering
Occupational DirectionBe able to work related with technology development and management in the industries of ocean chemical engineeringseawater-desalinationmarine biotechnologysea cultureseafood processing, Extraction of marine mineral resources,marine environmental protection.
2 Master/Doctor Program for Marine Chemical Engineering and Technology
Training Objectives:
Advanced science and technology talents who know well about the basic theory and professional knowledge of marine chemical engineering and technology; understand its current station, development direction and leading edge; have the abilities to develop new craft, process and equipment. They can also do some creative achievements corresponding with marine chemical engineering and technology.
Training characteristics:
Meeting with the big demand of developing the national ocean economy, basic theory and method were used to utilize the chemical, water and biological resources in seawater effectively. It is very important to cultivate theoretical and practical abilities related with ocean, chemistry and life science, and engineering technology. And the latest study is also given in the classes for enhancing postgraduate’s comprehensive quality.
Major Research Direction:
Technology of chemical resources extraction from seawater
Utilization of water resource in seawater and water network integration
Equipment for sea water utilization
Chemical technology for marine biology
Occupational Direction:
Graduates can do some work with education in the university, scientific research, management and technical research in scientific research institution or enterprise related with marine chemical engineering, desalination, marine environmental protection and marine biochemical engineering.

Department of Marine Resources and Environment
Department of Marine Resources and Environment is engaged in teaching and managing in the field of sea areas management, marine resource exploitation and utilization, marine environmental protection. There are 13 tull-time teachers at the moment, include two doctoral supervisors, one State Council Special Allowance Expert, 1 Hebei Provincial Excellent Expertone University 100-Hundred of innovative Talent.
87% of full-time teachers have got Doctor's degree in the department. 5 people once have the experience of studying abroad in MIT, University of Nuremberg in Germany, University of Justus-Liebig-University in Germany, University of Western Australia, Martin-Luther University Halle- Wittenberg in Germany and other foreign famous universities.
The department has the science undergraduate specialties consist of marine management, marine resources, and marine ecology. Master degree–granting and doctoral-granting programs had been established here for the Marine Material Chemical and Engineering. DMRE possesses the advanced experimental platform and Laboratory for bachelor, master and doctoral students.
The department  characteristic by its “limited enrollment, oriented training, brand specialty creation, elites cultivation” school-running idea. All the teachers and students strive to understand the sea in a deep way in order to get much more resource, energy, benefits and productivity from marine, by which we could contribute to the “maritime power” construction.
1 Undergraduate Program for Marine Resources and Environment Major
Educational Objectives:
This program aims to cultivate students with
1. Professional knowledge and skills in marine resources, marine environment, marine resources and information technology, marine rights and interests, etc.
2. Essential ability in planning, management and protection of marine resources and environmental by using the remote sensing and geographic information technologies and other new technologies.
3. Integrated abilities and comprehensive quality.
Core Courses:
Oceanography, Introduction to Marine Resources, Introduction of Environment Science, Environment Monitoring, Resources Remote Sensing and Information Technology, Introduction to Marine Management, Marine Environment Plan and Management, Marine Law, Marine Administration.
Program Duration: 4 Years
Degree Conferred: Bachelor Degree of Science
Career Prospects:
The graduates are expected to work as senior specialized talents, in research, education, environmental protection, environmental management for research institutes, universities, governmental departments, administrative department and other enterprises or institutes.
2 Graduate Program for the Major of Marine Material Chemistry and Engineering
To cultivate special talents who mastering systematically the fundamentals and techniques of marine material science, having the basic knowledge and skills related to chemistry, and working on the research, teaching, scientific development and related management positions in the field of marine material engineering with the fundamentals, knowledge and skills of material science and chemistry.
To meet the great requirements of the country, apply the new preparation technology, research methods, future application and trends into the research and teaching of advanced functional material. Pay attention to the fundamentals and experimental skills of the ocean, chemistry and material science; apply the newest scientific results timely to the teaching work, increasing the ability of research, innovation and general quality of graduate students.
Main research directions:
Marine functional absorption and separation materials
Marine functionalchemicals
Marine ecological and environmental materials.
Promising Career:
Government, academia and institutions of ocean, environment protection, science, education related, technology development, project  arrangement and management in ocean and environment evaluation positions.

Institute of Ocean Engineering
Research Institute of Ocean Engineering is a team of teachers emphasizing the unity of teaching and research, and its teaching objective is to cultivate senior engineering and technical talents for the national Marine strategic emerging industries. There are 10 faculty and staff members including 3 professors, 2 associate professors and 1 senior engineer. The teachers with doctorates account for more than 70% of the research team.

  Seawater Desulfurization Lab

The research institute has several advanced experimental platforms including multi-phase flow heat transfer enhancement equipment, efficient evaporation equipment, seawater flue gas desulphurization equipment, and dense moving bed ion exchange platform, etc.
The research orientation is focus on the development and utilization of the marine water resources, the marine engineering equipment, the research on the seawater desalination, and the direct seawater utilization technology. The research orientation mainly includes: scale removing and preventing technology of multiphase flow, seawater flue gas desulphurization process intensification technologies, technology and equipment of the efficient columns for the seawater treatment, multi-phase flow heat transfer enhancement, low-grade energy utilization, and the low-carbon seawater desalination, etc.
The research institute offers 2 doctoral and master’s programs in ocean chemical engineering & technology and in chemical engineering.

Analysis Centre
The Centre is a central instrumentation facility providing professional support to teaching and research in the Ocean Engineering Institute and Engineering Research Center. Up to now, there are 3 officers in this centre.
The center owns large and medium instruments, namely: spectrometer, chromatograph, elemental analyzer, X-ray diffractometer, laser particle size analyzer, high temperature integrated thermal analyzer, etc.

  X-ray diffractometer

The centre offers analyses for inorganic and organic materials on their constituents and the structures, surface, thermal properties and physical properties. Our service supports schools such as Chemical Engineering, Material and Energy and Environmental Engineering, and also provides solutions to the research institutes and sectors of metallurgy, medicine and hygiene, material and food.
The centre is striving for developing new techniques to improve  the service  level and quality by insuring the analyses result fairly, scientific, reliable and accurate.

Scientific Research

The school has completed 59 research projects in recent years, which include one project of national science plan of “Eleven five years plan”, 12 projects of national level, 43 projects of provincial level. Research funds reach to 23.46 Million RMB. Achieved one award of State Technological Invention, four provincial rewards, invented 32 patents. Also achieved  20 provincial achievements. Published 230 articles, 80 of them are indexed by SCI and EI. There are 12 research project have been in Industrialization such as “Technology for extracting potash  from seawater directly with zeolite”, “Technology on seawater comprehensive utilization”, “Technology on extracting potash from seawater bittern and comprehensive utilization”.

List of scientific research awards

1 Technology on extracting potassium sulphate from seawater bittern and comprehensive utilization, National Award for Technological Invention  3rd Prize,1998
2 High efficiency and energy saving technology  for Extracting Potassium Sulphate  from Seawater Bittern  with Zeolite, Hebei  Province Award for Technology Invention 1st Prize,2010
3 Technology for extracting potash  from seawater directly with zeolite, Innovation Award of China International Exposition,2011
4 Particle distribution performance and structure optimization of composite particle distribution device, Hebei  Province Award for Technology Invention 3rd Prize,2009

International Exchange
The school pay high attention tointernational exchanges andcooperation.One after another, school reached acooperation and exchangeagreementsand intentions with MartinLutherUniversityEngineering Center of German, School of Marine Science and Resource of Taiwan Ocean University, Taipei College of Maritime Technology, School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering of Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, etc. School carried out scientificexchanges and cooperation withwell-knowncompanies such asAsahi Kasei Corporation in Japan, Seawater Corporation in Japan, Agrocel Corporation in India.

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