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School of Computer Science and Engineering

Translator: School of Computer Science and Engineering Editor: release date :2013-12-23

The School of Computer Science and Engineering was first established in 1985, which merged the Central Experiment Lab in 2002 as the School of Computer Science and Engineering.

It contains four departments: the Department of Computer Science and Technology, the Department  of  Software,  the Department of Network Engineering and the Department of Internet of things.

The Computer Science and Technology and Software are first master degree programs. The Computer Technology and software are second master degree program. We have several teaching and Research institutions, have very good research foundation in intelligent information processing, network information security, parallel processing and intelligent computing, image processing and multimedia, computer intelligent control fields, have cooperation in teaching, scientific research and talents With the French Paris Advanced Computer College (SUPINFO), New Zealand, Massey University and other famous university abroad and IT company culture aspects .

Based on the concept of talent training “People-oriented, education first”, the School of Computer Science and Engineering has an experienced teaching team. It includes 13 professors, 21 vice professors, 38 teachers who has PhD Degree or pursuing their PhD Degree, as well as 60 full-time teachers. The young teachers, from the School of Computer Science and Engineering, got awards from the Youth Teachers’ Basic Skills Competition and Youth Management Cadres of the Basic Skills Competition.

The School has shouldered dozens of research projects at national, provincial or ministry level,  winning 
a dozen awards from the province and ministry in recent years, publishing monographs and textbooks more than 40, publishing papers more than 400 in domestic and foreign journals and conferences.

The School adhere to the "thick foundation, deepen the professional, pay attention to the theory, the prominent practice" school characteristics in cultivating talents. During the past five years, a total of 47 students received the student national professional competition awards, 87 students won the provincial professional competition award, college graduates employment situation is good, the annual employment rate is as high as 91%.