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School of Information Engineering

Translator: School of Information Engineering Editor: release date :2013-12-21


The School of Information Engineering of Hebei University of Technology was formerly known as the major of radio technology and semiconductor device, originally founded in the 50's and 60’s of the last century. Following that, the Department of Electronics was founded in 1972.

Adhering to the tradition of advocating work-integrated learning, and education combined with production research, the School of Information Engineering built a radio technology laboratory and semiconductor materials and devices laboratory at the beginning of establishment. It carried out scientific research and technological innovation focusing on the combination of national and local economic development needs. In 1968, the school took the lead in developing the semiconductor devices such as a silicon thyristor among the colleges and universities in the country. Many domestic universities had been to the school to visit, communicate, and learn for this, which had a greater impact in the country. In 1972, the school developed a Czochralski silicon single crystal furnace and received the 1978 National Science and Technology Award. Professor Chen Xinguang, majored in radio technology, took part in the development of the first color TV in China.

The School of Information Engineering currently has two first-level disciplines: electronic science and technology, and information and communication engineering. It owns a first-level disciplines doctor's degree and postdoctoral research station for electronic science and technology. The major of information and communication engineering has a master’s degree authorization, and the major of integrated circuit engineering, as well as the major of electronics and communication engineering, has an engineering master’s degree authorization. The school’s microelectronics and solid state electronics are key discipline of the Hebei province. It also has Tianjin electronics material and device key laboratory, and national electronics and communication experimental teaching demonstration center. Laboratories have a total area of more than 6000 square meters. The instruments and equipments are worth more than 40 million yuan RMB.

  The school now has 76 teachers, among which one is the Chair Professor in Cheung Kong Scholars and another is enrolled in “Recruitment Program of Global Experts”. The one is a national expert with outstanding contributions. There are 23 professors and 21 associate professors in the school. Currently there are 1000 undergraduate students, 300 master graduate students and 40 doctoral candidates in the school. The school formed its own characteristics in the field of low-power circuits and electromagnetic compatibility technology, compound semiconductor materials, devices and integrated circuits, chemical and mechanical polishing technology and materials for large scale integrated circuit. The school owned a number of important scientific research achievements, such as 5 National Technical Invention Awards, and 26 Provincial Natural Science Awards, Technological Invention Awards and Technology Progress Awards. More than 60 patents have been authorized.