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School of Architecture and Art Design

Translator: School of Architecture and Art Design Editor: release date :2013-12-21

The running history of School of Architecture& Art Design in Hebei University of Technology began in 1959. In the initial phase, students enrolled in the five-year Architecture Program for a bachelors degree. This college is one of the colleges which offered early architecture programs in China. Afterwards, it started to offer the Program of Art and Design in 1998, Program of Urban Planning (5-years) and Program of Industrial Design in 2000.

In 2001, this school was authorized firstly by Hebei Province to grant the Master Degree of Architecture Construction Science and Technology. In recent years, it has been authorized to grant the Master Degree of Art Design (Second class subject), Architecture (First class subject), Urban and Rural Planning (First class subject), Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Architectural and Civil Engineering (Master of Engineering), Industrial Design Engineering (Master of Engineering) and so on. Meanwhile, in 2009, its Architecture Program passed the national undergraduate education evaluation of architecture, and was qualified of Bachelor Degree granting in Architecture which can reach the world level.

The school consists of Architecture Department, Urban Planning Department, Art Design Department, Basic Art Department, Green Building Research Institute, Industrial Design ResearchInstitute, Construction Technology R&D Department and Architectural Art of Experimental Center and other academic and research institutions. Currently, the number of enrolled undergraduates of the school is over 700, postgraduates is 290, serving staffs is 101, among of 101 staffs, full-time teachers is 88. Meanwhile, among of the working full-time teachers, there are 25 professors and associate professors, and 57 lecturers. In addition, there are still 6 re-hired retired professors and external professors. One of them is foreign professor. Most of the working full-time teachers have doctoral degree or master degree. All the teachers are rigorous and hardworking in scientific studies and daily teaching.

The school has always been attaching great importance to the undergraduate education, including the training of engineering ability, comprehensive quality, and innovation spirit. The graduates of the school have been receiving the consistent high praise from the employers due to their hardworking style, comprehensive quality and professional qualification. The professional advantage of the school is based on the great demand for architecture & art design professionals and the long period of teaching accumulation. In recent years, around 30% of undergraduates have been taking a further study on postgraduate programs either in China or abroad. Most of other graduates have worked in Hebei, Tianjin, Beijing and the southern coastal cities. High-quality employment has been always the running features of our school.

Since 1959, the development of the school has passed more than 50 years. As of now, the teaching system of the school is quite complete, the resource of teaching staffs is stable, facilities and equipments are complete, education quality is relatively high, at the first place in Hebei Province, and also has the corresponding domestic impact. Due to the high education quality and comprehensive capability, the school has become the main base for cultivating the advanced professionals in Architecture, Urban Planning, Art Design and Industrial Design in Hebei Province.

Currently, the School of Architecture & Art Design is developing well and rapidly. It is also facing the requirements of the new age, synchronizing with the development of technology and society, developing the education concept of the unity of the knowledge and practice. Meanwhile, it is cultivating the comprehensive, advanced designing professionals in architecture and art design industry for this society.