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School of Mechanical Engineering

Translator: School of Mechanical Engineering Editor: release date :2013-12-21

Bachelor's Degree Programs:

Mechanical Manufacturing Technology & Automation

Automotive Engineering

Mechanical Electronic Engineering

Measuring Technology & Instrument

Master's Degree Programs:

Engineering Mechanics

Mechanical Engineering

Instrument Science & Technology

Doctor's Degree Programs:

Mechanical Manufacturing Technology & Automation

Mechanical Design & Principle

Established in 1998, the School of Mechanical Engineering offers several programs of study in the field of engineering, including Machine Manufacturing and Automation and Machine Manufacturing and Electronics Engineering (both key subjects of Hebei Province). The School offers various engineering degrees at the bachelors, masters, and doctoral levels, and has procured over 30,000,000 RNB in research funds over the past three year. Mechanical Engineering is a key subject under China’s 211 National Projects, and the key laboratory of Hebei Province and the technological center for mechanotronics of Hebei Province have been developed in HUT’s School of Mechanical Engineering. As such, engineering students at HUT have a wonderful opportunity to combine rigorous academic study with hands-on, practical experience. The School has also played a role in developing several national and provincial engineering program.