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School of Economics and Management

Translator: School of Economics and Management Editor: release date :2013-12-21
      The School of Economics and Management is one of earliest 16 schools of Hebei University of Technology, which has a long history. Its predecessor was Enterprise Management Department that was founded in 1980. Then, Engineering Department of Industrial Management was established in 1984. After then it was renamed the Department of Business in 1995. Three years later, the School of Management was established. In 2012, it was renamed School of Economics and Management.

The School of Economics and Management has eight teaching departments, four education centers, three teaching supplementary institutions, seven research institutes, five administrative offices, three auxiliary teaching offices, a provincial undergraduate education innovation top place, a provincial undergraduate education practice construction project, and a province of state laboratory;  There is also a provincial soft science base and a key research base on humanities and social sciences in Tianjin relying on the School of Economics and Management .
 The School of Economics and Management has 92 full-time staffs (79 people are PhD, five are PhD Candidate), professor of 33 people (13 Doctoral tutor, 20 Master Instructor), Associate Professor 33 (27 Master Instructor), 8 prestigious (4 provincial, 4 university), 12 quality courses (6 provincial, 6 university).

The school undergraduate education involves two disciplines ,one is  economics, the other is management science ; The school also has six professional categories,  economics, finance, international economics &trade, management science & engineering, business, industrial engineering; The school also has 10 professionals, economics, finance, international economics and trade, trade and economics, information management and information systems, project management, business management, marketing, accounting, industrial engineering. The school graduate education involves two disciplines, one is economics, the other is management science; The school also has three 1st level subjects, applied economics, management science and engineering, business management. The school may grant bachelor, master, doctoral degree, bachelor of economics, management master's degree, professional master's degree. The school has two post-doctoral research station, one is management science and engineering, the other is business management; The school has a 1st doctoral level management science and engineering and a 2nd doctoral level technical economics and management, 3ird level discipline master, such as applied economics, management science and engineering , business management. The school has seven professional degree masters, EMBA, MBA, Master of International Business, Industrial Engineering, Project Management, Logistics Master of Engineering, and Master of Engineering.  The school has three provincial-level key disciplines, Management Science and Engineering, Technical Economics and Management, Regional Economics. Quantitative Economics is a university key discipline.
     After 30 years of education, the school developed with organic disciplines integration between economics and management science, and formed a discipline group which core is between doctoral and post-doctoral research station. The school as well as build a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level multi-disciplinary professional training system, that is  structural integrity, strength, unique, adaptation of national economic construction and social economic development needs of Hebei province. The school attaches great importance to undergraduate and graduate students; the school has strong staff and faculty, academic atmosphere, great research achievements, advanced laboratory equipment, creating favorable conditions for the growth of undergraduate and graduate study. The school has high undergraduate teaching quality and rich experience in postgraduate training.

Undergraduate Programs:
    Engineering Management, Enterprise Management, Enterprise Management(Accounting),  Finance, Economics, Industrial Engineering, International Economics and Trade,Accounting, Trade Economics, Marketing, Project Management, Information Management and Information Systems.

                                                                  Graduate Programs


Discipline code & name

Research direction


0202Applied Economics

01 Regional Economics

02 Finance

03 Industrial Economics

04 International Trade

05 Quantitative Economics

120100management science and engineering

01Integrated Management& Information Systems

02system science & management decisions

03Logistics & Supply Chain Management

04Environmental Management & Sustainable Development

05Industrial Engineering& Engineering Management

1202 Business Management

01Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management

02Marketing& Strategic Management

03Technological innovation& industrial clusters

04 Technical Economics & Management

05Finance & Accounting

025400International Business(full-time Professional degree

01 International Logistics

02 International Trade

03 International business

04 International contract engineering

085236Industrial engineering(full-time Professional degree

01Ergonomics & Human Factors Engineering

02Production & Manufacturing Systems Engineering

03Operations Management

04Information Management& Information System

05Logistics Engineering

085239Project Management(full-time Professional degree

05 Logistics Project Management

125100Business ManagementMBA full-time Professional degree

No research direction

125600 Engineering ManagementMBA full-time Professional degree

01 Engineering Project Management

02 Project Cost

03 Real estate development and management

04 International Project Management

05 Project development & decision-making


120100 management science & engineering

01 enterprise networks and collaborative operations

02 Logistics and Supply Chain Management

03 Regional Economic Development & Resource Optimization Management

04 Integrated Management & Leadership

05 customized marketing & operational collaboration

06 Public Performance Management

07 Environment & Sustainable Development

08 Strategic Management & Innovation Management

09 energy management and low carbon development

10 System Management & Sustainable Development

11 Information Systems

12 project management and risk control

13 Financial Engineering and Risk Management

14 Technology & Innovation Management

15 Risk Management of Finance

16 Optimization Management of Educational Resource

17 construction economics and project management

18 Quality Management

120204 technical economics and management

01 Technical  Economic Theory &Method

02 Project Management Theory & Practice

03 Financial Engineering & Risk Management

04 Human Resources & Performance Optimization

05 Human Capital Development

06 technological innovation & institutional innovation

07 Human Resources Strategic Management

08 industrial organizational governance & regional competitive advantage

09 Human Capital &Strategic Human Resource Management

10 Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management

11 Corporate Governance & Enterprises Sustainable Development

12 Macro-financial management

13 financial institutions & financial markets

14 new urbanization & integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

15 industrial innovation & strategic emerging industries

16 science & technology society

17 Management Philosophy