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School of Electrical Engineering

Translator: School of Electrical Engineering Editor: release date :2013-12-21

        School of Electrical Engineering has now about 100 staffs, including 30 professors and 24 associate professors. The teachers with Ph.D degree account for 70% of the total ones, including one Yangtze River Scholar and Distinguished Professor, three teachers with Millions of Talents Project in the New Century by National Ministry of Personnel, two middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions to Technology and Industry for National Defence, six middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions to Technology and Industry of Hebei province, one distinguished teachers of Hebei Province. School of Electrical Engineering has state-level key discipline in Motor and electrical discipline, and province-level key disciplines in the electrical engineering and the biomedical engineering, Province-Ministry Joint Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Field and Electrical Apparatus Reliability. “Electrical engineering and Automation” was approved as State-level Characteristic Specialty in 2009, and was included in the “distinguished engineer education program” by the Ministry of education in 2011.

         School of Electrical Engineering has now over 800 undergraduates, about 500 graduates and nearly 60 PhD candidates. Every year School of Electrical Engineering takes about 10 national scientific research projects, including “973”, “863”, National Nature Science Foundation of China etc. Besides, every year the school accesses to about 10 million research funding, publishes over 100 papers, applies for over 10 invention patents. In the last ten years the school has got 2 National Progress Awards, 10 Provincial awards and published 10 books and teaching materials. The Post-doctoral research station of “Electrical Engineering” was established in 2001, and was entitled to be first-level discipline authorized to offer doctorate degree. The second-level disciplines “Motor and electrical discipline” was honored with National Key Disciplines in 2002. “Electrical Engineering” was honored with Key First- Level Disciplines of Hebei Province in 2005, “biomedical engineering” was honored with Key Disciplines of Hebei Province in 2013.

        School of Electrical Engineering has two majors for bachelor, “Electrical Engineering and Automation” and “biomedical engineering”, School of Electrical Engineering has developed friendly cooperation with over ten universities, research institutes and enterprises in academic exchange, personnel training, scientific research and so on. In recent years, School of Electrical Engineering has undertaken the third stage of “Project 211”. The scientific environment, experimental conditions, quality of personnel training and academic level have been significant improved.


Electrical Engineering and Automation

“Electrical engineering and Automation” of Hebei University of Technology was founded in 1958. It has a long history and a large number of outstanding talents that have an important impact at home and abroad have been cultivated.
         “Electrical engineering and Automation” is one of the earliest key subjects in Hebei University of Technology. For more than 50 years, the pioneering contributions have been made in apparatus manufacturing, CAD/CAM, numerical calculation of electromagnetic field theory, reliability of electrical apparatus etc. In 1993, the first doctoral discipline of engineering discipline in Hebei province was established in this subject. Province-ministry joint key laboratory of electromagnetic field and electrical apparatus reliability was founded in 2001. “Electrical engineering and Automation” was approved as State-level Characteristic Specialty in 2009, and was included in the “distinguished engineer education program” by the Ministry of education in 2011.

        There are some undergraduate laboratories in this subject, such as: electrical apparatus and low voltage apparatus laboratory, electric motor laboratory, motor control lab, laboratory of microcomputer principle and application, power system automation laboratory and power electronics laboratory, etc. Relying on the laboratories and the production practice base, the enthusiasm and creativity in scientific research of students is trained.



Biomedical Engineering


   Biomedical engineering is a comprehensive high-tech discipline to study human physiological and pathological processes and reveal the phenomenon of human life for preventing and curing the diseases from engineering perspective using the principles and methods in natural science and engineering. In order to meet the development of our social economy and higher education, we applied for the establishment of Biomedical Engineering in 2001 and got the approval, and began to enroll the Bachelor degree students in 2002. We obtained the qualification to grant the master degree of Biomedical Engineering in 2003, established the doctor authorization direction of Bio-Electrical Engineering under the first-degree subject of Electrical Engineering doctoral degree approved by the academic degree commission of Chinese Council in 2004, and got the master's degree authorization of Biomedical Engineering in engineering field in 2010. Our subject was named the key discipline of Hebei Province in 2012. After years of discipline construction, our department formed a academic echelon with young and middle-aged professors, doctors as the main body, constructed a multi-level training model with undergraduates, graduate students and doctors, created a good environment and conditions for teaching and scientific researches, formed the characters of multidisciplinary cross, domestic and international cooperation and collaborative innovation, and industry-university-research cooperation. All of these laid the foundation for the rapid development of the discipline.