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Outstanding Alumni Profile


In the long history of HEBUT, it fostered nearly 200,000 talents for the society, including national and provincial leaders (such as Jia Qinglin), outstanding scientists who made great achievements in scientific research (such as Pan Chengxiao, Jiang Shengjie, Lu Hefu and Ke Jun), revolutionary martyrs who gave up their lives for the nation (such as Huang Ai, Lu Shaoting, Hong Linge, Yang Shisan and Zhao Guanmin), and famous businessmen who made remarkable contribution to the national revival (such as Liu Jinfang, Zhengyuan Group, Zhang Kunyu and Zhang Chunjing).

In recent years, HEBUT actively implemented a reform the three-in-one (theory, practice and innovation) talent fostering mode, and have fostered a number of excellent students who have the spirit of innovation and strong practical ability (such as Qiu Rui and Yuan Shanshan). The students, who are learning diligently and practicing actively, have made excellent achievements and won honor for the university in various competitions and games such as the national undergraduate chemical engineering design competition, the national undergraduate mathematic modeling competition, the national undergraduate electronic design competition, challenge cup competition, F1 automobile game, and undergraduate art show.