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Liu Yuling

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2015-11-04


      Yuling Liu,Professor,Doctoral supervisor; the representative of seventh People's Congress of Hebei province; the representative of ninth, tenth and eleventh session of the CPPCC national committee; the former committee chairman of Cleaning New Technology, China Association of Cleaning; the former chairman of CMP Asia branch,2004, American electrochemical society; the executive director of the journal of Micro Nano Electronic technique; Adjunct professor of Nankai University; distinguished technological specialist of No. 618 research institution of China National Aviation Corp.; Leading scientific research project “the technology and material of GLSI chemical mechanical planarization”, 02 Special Project in National Long-term Technology Development Plan: outstanding achievements with original innovation; excellent performance; the materials suitable for industrial application; five National Technological Awards; Outstanding Contribution Award of Hebei province; 23 awards of technological invention and innovation of provincial and ministry level; two key promotion plans of National Science and Technology; two new products of national level; 60 national invention patents and 5 USA invention patents; more than 200 academic papers; 5 monographs; the titles of honor as follows: Contributions to young and middle-aged national experts,science and technology advanced professionals of national and Tianjin universities , High-level talent of hebei province, Senior top-notch experts in hebei province, the first top ten inventors of hebei province, member of backup academician talents in hebei province, leading personnel of "giant plans" of Hebei provincial government, Model Professional of Tianjin city.