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Zhan Yong

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2015-06-16

Zhan Yong,
Prof. Biophysics



Hebei University of Technology                               Tel. +86-22-60204816

Tianjin, 300401, China                                               E-mail: zhany@hebut.edu.cn


President: Hebei University of Technology

Deputy party secretary: The party committee of Hebei University of Technology

Director: Institute of Biophysics

Director: Key Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics, Hebei Provice



China Institute of Atomic Energy, 1995-1998, Ph.D, nuclear physics


Working Experiences

Hebei University of Technology, 1982– present


Associate Professor, Professor

doctoral supervisor

Director Institute of Biophysics

Deputy president: Hebei University of Technology

President: Hebei University of Technology


Research Areas: Radiation biophysics, dynamics of biomacromolecule, ion channels and molecular motors


Research Projects

1.       Transmembrane transport mechanism of CaCCs/TMEM16A ion channel. Chinese Natural Science Foundation, No. 11175055, 2012-2015.

2.       Study on the application of heavy ion irradiation and ion implantation technology in the innovation of maize germplasm. Herbei Proince Natural Science Foundation, No. 09220102D, 2012-2014.

3.       Transmembrane transport mechanism of potassium channel under the condition of weak electric interaction. Chinese Natural Science Foundation, No. 11175055, 2015-2018.



1. Li Junwei, Xiao Shaying, Xie Xiaoxiao, Yu Hui, Zhang Hailin, Zhan Yong, An Hailong*, Identification of Three Interactions which Determine the Conformation Change and Maintain the Function of Kir2.1 Channel Protein, Chinese Physics Letters, 2015, 32(2): 028702-028705.

3.    Junwei Li, Xiaoxiao Xie, Jun Liu, Hui Yu, Suhua Zhang, Yong Zhan, Hailin Zhang, Diomedes E. Logothetis, Hailong An*, Lack of negatively charged residues at the external mouth of Kir2.2 channels enable the voltage-dependent block by external Mg2+, PLoS ONE, 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0111372.

4.    Suhua Zhang , Yafei Chen , Hailong An, Hui Liu, Junwei Li, Chunli Pang, Qing Ji, Yong Zhan, A novel biophysical model on calcium and voltage dual dependent gating of calcium-activated chloride channel, Journal of Theoretical Biology, (2014), 355: 229–235.

5.    Hongbo Yuan, Chengfen Xing, Hailong An, Ruimin Niu, Ruihua Li, Wenmin Yan, and Yong Zhan, Ca2+-Controlled Assembly for Visualized Detection of Conformation Changes of Calmodulin ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2014 , DOI: 10.1021/a m504729d.

6.    Chengfen Xing, Hongbo Yuan, Sichuan Xu, Hailong An, Ruimin Niu, and Yong Zhan, Nucleobase-Functionalized Conjugated Polymer for Detection of Copper(II) ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces2014, 6 (12): 96019607.

7.    Zhang Fan, Qi Jinlong, Li Junwei, Si Man, Guan Bingcai, Du Xiaona, An Hailong, Zhang Hailin, Modulation of K(v) 7 potassium channels by a novel opener pyrazolo-[1,5-a] pyrimidin-7(4H)-one compound QO-58, Br. J. Pharmacol., 2013, 168(4): 1030-42.

8.    Pang Chunli, Yuan Hongbo, Ren ShuXi, Chen Yafei, An Hailong, Zhan Yong,TMEM16A/B Associated CaCC: Structural and Functional Insights, Protein & Peptide Letters, 2014, 21, 94-99.

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10.  Yuan Hongbo, Gao Chongsen, Chen Yafei, Jia Mengwen, Geng Jinpeng, Zhang Hailin, Zhan Yong, Linda M. Boland, An Hailong*, Divalent cations modulate TMEM16A: calcium-activated chloride channels by a common mechanism, J Membrane Biol. (2013), 246(12):893-902.

11.   An Hailong, Lü Shou qin, Li Junwei, Zhan Yong, et al., The cytosolic GH-loop regulates the PIP2-induced gating kinetics of Kir2 channels, J. Biol. Chem. 2012, 287: 42278-42287.

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