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Tian Hongli

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2015-02-11

Tian Hongli,  Ph.DProf. Microelectronics and Solid-electronics

Hebei University of Technology                                              Tel. 0086-22-60435864


Director: Internet of Things & Embedded Development


Hebei University of Technology, China, 2006-2011, Ph.D, Microelectronics and Solid-electronics


Working Experiences

Hebei University of Technology, 1991– present


Research Areas: Image processing method, Application of Internet of things


Research Projects

1. Research on electronic travel aid system based on sonification, Tianjin Natural Science Foundation, No. 13JCYBJC15400,2013-2015



1. A Novel Fast Method for Computation of Zernike Moments based on FPGA,2009 Second ISECS International Colloquium on Computing,Communication,Control, and Management, pp.385-388, 2009.8

2. Controllable Arbitrary Integer Frequency Divider Based on VHDL2009IEEEJCAIpp.691-694,2009.5

3. A Fast and Accurate Approach to the Computation of Zernike Moments,《Communications in Computer and Information Science, 2011, Volume 228, Part 1, 46-53


Tianjin, 300401, China                                                              E-mail: tianhongli@scse.hebut.edu.cn