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Lin tao

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2015-02-11

Lintao,  Ph.DProf. Computer Science

Hebei University of Technology                                        Tel. 0086-22-60438168       
Tianjin, 300130, China                                                       E-mail: lintao@scse.hebut.edu.cn



SEP,2010 TO AUG, 2013 Hebei University of Technology, the Postdoctoral Research & Development Center, TEDA Orking Hi-Tech Co. Ltd, post doctoral research work;

Apr, 2003 to Apr 2007  Major of Control Theory and Control Engineering, Hebei University of Technology, doctor of Engineering

SEP, 1996 to Oct,1999 Major of Computer application, Tianjin University, Master of Engineering 

SEP,1989 to July,1993  Major of Computer application, Hebei University of Technology, Bachelor of Engineering


Working Experiences

Hebei University of Technology, 1993– present, Associate Lecture, Lecture,

Associate Professor, Professor

Chair of Department of Internet of things


Research Areas: Key technology of the Internet of Things, Theory of network control, Network management and security, Embedded software technology.


Research Projects

1.       R&D (Research & Development) of Ex- Equipment Detection cloud Platform and industrialization demonstration, Science and technology key projects of Tianjin, 2014-2016



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3. Lin Tao, The handling system of MIT-BIH ECG. based on MATLAB and SQL, EI, CSIE 2011

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6. Lin Tao, Study on Clock Synchronization Technique according to Precision Time Protocol, Application of Computers, No.27, 2007;

7. Lin Tao, A Variable Priority Token-passing Fieldbus Based on QoS2007 IEEE International Conference on Integration Technology(IEEE  ICIT 2007) ShenzhenP639-642(EI082811367750), 2007;

8. Lin Tao, The Design and Realization of E-Government System Based on the Framework of Lightweight J2EE  IE&EM2006 and AIE&M2006ISTP,IDS Number:BFQ61,2006.8;

9. Lin Tao, Research on the Network Intrusion Detecitong Based on the Immune SystemInternational Conference on Machine Learning and CyberneticsDalianP4479-4482 EI:071210502878, IDS Number:BFE36, 13-16 August 2006.



1.  Sun Hexu, Lin Tao, Embedded Control System, 2007.