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Zhang Zhidong

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2015-02-11

Zhang Zhidong,  Ph.DProf. Physics 

Hebei University of Technology                                                        Tel. 0086-22-60435589

Tianjin, 300401, China                                                                        E-mail: zhidong_zhang1961 @163.com


Dean: School of Sciences



Changchun Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, 1995-1998, Ph. D, Condensed Matter Physics


Working Experiences

Hebei University of Technology, 1982– present, Associate Lecture, Lecture,

Associate Professor, Professor

Vice Dean of School of Sciences

Dean (2013-)


Research Areas: Physics of Liquid Crystals; Liquid Crystal Device


Research Projects

1.       Study of flexing mechanical effect and the nanomechanical effect of nematic liquid crystals, Chinese Natural Science Foundation, No. 11374087, 2014-2017



1. Zhou Xuan and Zhang Zhidong (corresponding author), Dynamics of order reconstruction in nanoconfined twisted nematic cells with a topological defect, Liquid crystal, 2014, 41, 1219-1228

2. Zhou Xuan and Zhang Zhidong (corresponding author), Dynamics of order reconstruction in a nanoconfined nematic liquid crystal with a topological Defect, Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2013, 14, 24135-24153

3. Zhou Xuan, Zhang Zhidong(corresponding author), Ye Wenjiang and Xuan li,Azimuthal anchoring of a nematic liquid crystal on a grooved interface with anisotropic polar anchoring, Chinese. Physics. B, 2012, 066104/1-7

4. Zhang Zhidong and Xuan Li, Instability of a biaxial nematic liquid crystal formed by homeotropic anchoring on surface grooves, Chinese. Physics Letters, 2011, 28(10): 106101/1-4