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Tan Runhua

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2015-02-11

Tan Runhua,  Ph.DProf. Mechanical Engineering 

Hebei University of Technology                                                       Tel. 0086-22-60438168
Tianjin, 300130, China                                                                         E-mail: rhtan@hebut.edu.cn


Director: National Technological Innovation Method & Tool Engineering Research Center

Chair: Chinese TRIZ Association

Chair: Chinese Association for Technological Innovative Methods



Zhejiang University, China, 1996-1998, Ph.D, Mechanical Engineering

Munich University of Applied Science, 2001.10-2002.2, Visiting Professor

Brunel University, UK, 1994-1995, Visiting Scholar, Mechanical Engineering


Working Experiences

Hebei University of Technology, 1985– present, Associate Lecture, Lecture,

Associate Professor, Professor

Chair of Department of Mechanical Engineering

Vice-president (1999-)


Research Areas: Innovative Design, Design Methodology, TRIZ, Mechanical Design


Research Projects

1.       Mechanism of radical conceptual innovative design for mechanical products, Chinese Natural Science Foundation, No.51275153, 2013-1016

2.       Methodology for breakthrough innovation and application in industries, National Innovation Project, No.2013IM030400, 2013-2016



1. Tan Runhua Zhang Huangao, Interactive Training Model of TRIZ for  Mechanical Engineers in China, Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2014, 27(2):240-248

2. Tan Runhua, Seven Stimuli to Identify Opportunities of Innovation: A Practice of Training Innovative Engineers and Some Findings in China,  American Journal of Industrial and Business Management, 2013, 38: 725-739

3. Tan RunhuaEliminating technical obstacles in innovation pipelines using CAIs. Computers in Industry, 2011, 62(4):414-422

4. Tan Runhua, Jianhong Ma, Fang Liu, Zihui Wei. UXDs-driven conceptual design process

model  for contradiction solving using CAIs. Computers in Industry, 2009, 60(8): 584-591



1.  Tan Runhua, Cao Guozhong, Noel Leon, Growth and Development of Computer-Aided Innovation,  2009; Springer

National Engineering Research Center for Technological Innovation Method and Tool