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Xia Kewen

Translator: International Office Editor: release date :2015-01-25

夏克文教授 英文简历


Kewen Xia

PhD, Professor

School of Electronics and Information Engineering

Hebei University of Technology

Beichen District, Tianjin, 300401, China

E-mail: kwxia@hebut.edu.cn

Tel: (86) 022-60435739; Fax: (86) 022-60438244

Courses Taught

PhD student:    Smart Antenna & Wireless Network (In English)

Master student:  Theory of Telecommunication Network; Antenna Theory & Wireless Network (In English)

Undergraduate:  Satellite Communication; Digital Image Processing

Supervisor Type

Postdoc Co-Supervisor:  Electronic Science and Technology

Doctoral Supervisor:    Electronic Science and Technology

Master’s Supervisor:    Electronic Science and Technology; Communication and Information System;

Electronics and Communication Engineering (professional)

Education and Qualifications

PhD, Electronic Science and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Senior Scholar, Physics, Department of Physics, Tsinghua University, China

Postdoc, Computer Science and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Research Scholar, Electronic Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Senior Research Fellow, Computer Science, University of Sherbrooke, Canada

Visiting Professor, CT Laboratory, Wake Forest University, USA

Visiting Professor, Centre for International Relations, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland

Visiting Professor, Centre for Intelligent & Networked Systems, Central Queensland University, Australia

Visiting Professor, Department of Radiology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA

Visiting Professor, Department of Computer Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

Research Interests

1  Intelligent Information Processing

Mainly focuses on Methods and Techniques of Evolutionary Computing, Rough Set, SVM, Deep Learning, Quantum Computing, Compressed Sensing, Low-Rank Matrix Recovery and Convex Optimization, and their Applications in Wireless Network, Image Processing, Big Data, Oil Logging and so on.

2  Wireless Communications and Smart Antenna

Mainly focuses on OFDM, MIMO, UWB, WSN, Navigation and positioning in Wireless Communications, and intelligent transmitting, intelligent receiving, and dynamic channel allocation in Smart Antenna.


Professor Xia has been engaging in research on electronic and communication technology, and development of the electronic instrument. As PI or Co-PI, he has implemented more than 20 research projects at the national and provincial and ministerial level, and is undertaking 3 projects now. He has authored more than 80 peer-reviewed journal papers indexed by SCI or EI, obtained 3 invention patents and edited 3 textbooks. His research mainly covers computational intelligence, wireless communication, image processing, big data mining, oil logging and other fields. He serves as the responsibility professor of discipline direction at Intelligent Information Processing (IIP) in Hebut, the vice director of Key Laboratory of Big Data Computation of Hebei Province, and the director of Hebei Electrotechnical Society.

He has won the honorary title "Supervisor of Outstanding Master Thesis in Hebei Province" many times and "Instructor of Outstanding Undergraduate Graduation Thesis in Hebei University of Technology" every year, and has won the award “WIT-HEBUT Academic Ambassador” from Ireland in 2016. The graduated postgraduates under his supervision were employed in domestic and foreign famous enterprises or research institutes or universities, and all juniors participated in his research group after graduation went to prestigious universities in USA, Canada and England for further study. He also visited in MIT, UCB, Stanford, CalTech, Purdue, Duke, McGill, UToronto, USydney, UMelbourne, UCDublin and so on in short-term respectively, and maintains benign academic exchanges and cooperation with dozens of universities in USA, Canada, England, Ireland and Australia, or joint training doctoral students. Moreover, in order to further strengthen Sino-Foreign educational exchange, he recruits the international students under his supervision in HEBUT to study for doctoral degree or work as the postdoctoral fellows every year.

Selected recent publications:

[1] Muhidul Islam Khan, Kewen Xia. A Self Adaptive Multiple Source Localization by Primal Dual Interior Point Method in Binary Sensor Network[J]. IEEE Communications Letters, 2017, Volume: PP, Issue: 99.  http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7831374/  SCI, JCR-Q2.

[2] Dongyan Cui, Kewen Xia*. Strip Surface Defects Recognition Based on PSO-RS&SOCP-SVM Algorithm [J]. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2017, vol. 2017, 9 pages, doi:10.1155/2017/4257273. SCI, JCR-Q3.

[3] Guan Xu, Yafang Xue, Zeynep Gürsel Özkurt, Naziha Slimani, Xueding Wang, Zizhong Hu, Kewen Xia, Teng Ma, Qifa Zhou, Hakan Demirci. Photoacoustic imaging features of intraocular tumors: retinoblastoma and uveal melanoma[J]. PLOS ONE, 2017,12(2):1-15. SCI, JCR-Q1

[4] Panpan Wu, Kewen Xia, Hengyong Yu. Correlation Coefficient based Supervised Locally Linear Embedding for Pulmonary Nodule Recognition [J].Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 2016, 136: 97-106. SCI, JCR-Q1

[5] Panpan Wu, Kewen Xia*, Hengyong Yu. Relevance Vector Machine based Pulmonary Nodule Classification[J]. Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics, 2016, 6(1): 163-169. SCI, JCR-Q4

[6] Yongliang Lin, Kewen Xia*, Xiaoqing Jiang, Jianchuan Bai, Panpan Wu. Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Based on Particle Swarm Optimization of Multiple Kernel Relevance Vector Machines: Case of a Low Hill Area in Sichuan Province, China[J]. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 2016, 5(10): 1-16. SCI, JCR-Q4

[7] Xiao Chunjing, Xia Kewen*, et al. Improving Session-Based Temporal Recommendation by Using Dynamic Clustering[J]. Intelligent Data Analysis, 2016. (Accepted) SCI, JCR-Q4

[8] Muhidul Islam Khan, Kewen Xia. A Self-Adaptive Convex Optimization based Multiple Source Localization Technique in Binary Sensor Networks[J]. IEEE Transactions on Control of Network System, 2016. (Accepted)

[9] HU Zhao-Zheng, ZHAO Bin, LI Na, XIA Ke-Wen. Minimal Solution to Extrinsic Calibration of Camera and 2D Laser Rangefinder Based on Virtual Trihedron[J]. Acta Automatica Sinica,2015,41(11):1951-1960. EI

[10] Wang Ting, Xia Kewen*, Zhang Wenmei, Bai Jianchuan. Pattern Synthesis of Array Antenna with Modified Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm[J]. Acta Electronica Sinca, 2013, 41(6): 1177-1182. EI

[11] Xia Kewen, Gao Feng, Wu Rui, Liu Nanping, Zheng Fei. Optimal wireless sensor network using cloud adaptive particle-swarm-optimization algorithm [J].Control Theory and Applications,2011,28(9):1175-1178.EI

Recent Research Grants and Roles:

[1] Hebei Province Natural Science Foundation, Research on intelligent data mining technology in massive complex logging (No. E2016202341, 2016-2018). PI

[2] Research Project of Science and Technology for Hebei Province Higher Education Institutions, Research on indoor high precision three dimensional localization technology based on data fusion between image and LIDAR (No.BJ201401, 2014.11-2017.12). Co-PI

[3] National Natural Science Foundation of China, Intelligent road asset inventory (IRAI) based on 3D reconstruction from vehicle-borne video log images (No.51208168, 2013-2015). Co-PI

[4] Hebei Province Foundation for High Level Personnel, Rough set attribute reduction technology based on compressed sensing (No. C2012003038, 2013-2015). PI

[5] Hebei Province Natural Science Foundation, Research on fast training algorithm of multi-scale gaussian process model and its application (No. F2013202254, 2013-2015). Co-PI

[6] Hebei Province Natural Science Foundation, Study on quality of service based on network calculus in wireless sensor network (No. F2013202102, 2013-2015). Participate

[7] Tianjin Natural Science Foundation, Research on logging data mining technology based on quantum computational intelligence (No. 11JCYBJC00900, 2011-2014). PI

[8] Hangshen Group Co., Ltd. Fund Project. Development of low voltage circuit breaker based on optimization calculation (No. HI1404, 2014-2016). PI

[9] Tianjin Kaitai Sci. & Tech. Development Co., Ltd. Development of Logging data processing software system  (No. HI1607, 2016-2018). PI

Research Group

Postdoctoral fellows:


Muhidul Islam Khan, Joint PhD from Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt and Austria and Univ. of Genova, Italy


Hou Yanli, PhD from Harbin Engineering University, China


Tang Wen, PhD from China Petroleum University (Beijing), China; works in Xi’an Petroleum Univ.


Wang Li, PhD from Hebei University of Technology, China; works in HEBUT

PhD students:


Kanda Paul Shekonya David (Msc from Liaoning Univ. of Tech, Bsc from Federal Univ. of Tech, Minna, Nigeria)


Aliyu Uba Taura (Msc from Univ. of Sci & Tech Beijing, Bsc from Bayero University Kano, Nigeria),

Pan Yongke (Msc from The University of Sheffield, UK),

Niu Wenjia (under successive Master-PhD program),

Anas Abdu (Msc from Tianjin Univ. of Tech. & Edu., Bsc from Bayero Univ. Kano, Nigeria; jointly with Prof. Zheng Hongxing),

Halilu Adamu Jabire (Msc from Tianjin Univ. of Tech. & Edu., Bsc from Ahmadu Bello Univ., Samaru, Nigeria; jointly with Prof. Zheng Hongxing).


Nelofar Aslam (Msc from The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan),

Zu Baokai (under successive Master-PhD program, joint PhD in Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA),

Dai Shuidong (Msc from Zhejiang Univ.),

Lan Pu (Msc from HEBUT),

Ali Ahmad (Msc from University of Education, Pakistan; jointly with Prof. Yu Ming),

Ahmed Hafiz Shehzad (Msc from University of Education, Pakistan; jointly with Prof. Zhao Hongdong).


Bai Jianchuan (under successive Master-PhD program, joint PhD in Central Queensland University, Australia).

Jiang Xiaoqing (Msc from Shandong Univ.),

Lin Yongliang(Msc from Tianjin Chengjian Univ., TCU),

Xiao Chunjing (Msc from Yanshan Univ.),


Wu Panpan (Msc from TCU; joint PhD in Wake Forest Univ. & Univ. of Mass.Lowell, USA),

Cao Jingwei (Bachelor from Nankai Univ., Msc from HEBUT, PhD in ULaval, Canada),

Zhao Dongming (Msc from HEBUT), Wang Ting (Msc from HEBUT),

Cui Dongyan (Msc from Yanshan Univ.),


Hou Jingzhong (Msc from HEBUT),

Gu Yue (Msc from HEBUT; works in PLA, TJ).


Li Guodong (Msc from TCU; works in TCU).


Yang Zhenjian (Msc from Tianjin Normal Univ.; works in TCU).


Liu Nanping (Msc from HEBUT; works in Tianjin Normal Univ.).


Wu Rui (Msc from HEBUT; works in HEBUT).


Chi Yue (Msc from HEBUT; jointly with Prof. Chen Guoying and now works in HEBUT).


Zhang Zhiwei (Msc from HEBUT; jointly with Prof. Yang Ruixia and now works in HEBUT).

Master students:


Shi Lili, He Ziping, Sun Wange, Zhang Jiangtao, Liu Fangyuan.


Shi Xiaoxu, Chang Hongwei, Ju Wenzhe, Zhou Qiao.


Lu Ning, Wang Haoran, Liu Yihu, Wang Yanwei.


Wang Meiyu (works in Beijing Telecom Co.), Fan Yachao (works in Beijing), Liu Wenliang (works in TJ), Niu Wenjia (2015, under successive Master-PhD program), Zhao Bin (jointly in group of Prof. Hu Zhaozheng, works in BJ), Zhang Cheng(jointly in group of Prof. Zhou Yatong, works in BJ).


Zu Baokai (2014 under successive Master-PhD program), Han Yang (works in Beijing), Zhu Changjian (works in Beijing), Yan Liangliang (works in Beijing), Zhang Xudong (jointly in group of Prof. Zhou Yatong, now works in Spreadtrum, TJ).


Dai Jing (works in HEUU), Zhao Qianqian (works in TJ), Liu Liu (works in SJZ), Bai Jianchuan (2013 under successive Master-PhD program).


Zhang Yanjun (works in Chinese Software Com., BJ), Zhang Zhe (workd in Postal Savings Bank, TJ), Si Suicheng (works in Datang Telecom, BJ), Cao Jingwei (2012, under successive Master-PhD program), Shi Pingyang (jointly with Prof. Yang Ruixia, works in Goldman Sachs, BJ), Zheng Fei (in USherbrooke, Canada).


Song Xiangbo (works in Spreadtrum, TJ), Yue Yun (works in PLA, JiangXi), Wang Ting (works in PLA, TJ), Cai Ju (works in Samsung, TJ); Li Lin (jointly in group of Prof. Zhou Yatong, works in Lenovo, BJ), Wang Rui (jointly in group of Prof. Zhou Yatong, works in Huawei, BJ).


Yuan Yuan (works in Datang Telecom, BJ), Gao Pengfei (works in PLA, Henan), Gao Feng (works in PLA, Sichuan), Zhang Penglei(works in BJ), Li Dan(works in Lenovo, BJ), Wang Xin (jointly in group of Prof. Zhou Yatong, works in TJ); Xu Liang (works in tjtc.edu.cn).


Zhang Ling (works in Ericsson, BJ), Zhao Dongming(works in CMCC, TJ), Zhang Xinying (works in ihep.cas.cn), Xie Zushi(works in Intel Co., Chengdu), Zhou Juan (works in CMCC, Hebei); Ye Hao(works in nciae.edu.cn), Xiang Nan (works in nciae.edu.cn), Gao Jingyong (works in HEBUT).


Du Hongbin (works in Potevio, BJ), Wang Jianchao (works in Datang Power, Guangzhou); Shi Yuan(works in HEBUT).


Dong Yao (works in HEBUT), Su Chang (works in PLA, Liaoning), Xu Naying (works in BJ).


Guo Zhitao(works in HEBUT), Liu Mingxiao(works in BJ), Guo Qiaozhan (works in Bohai Petroleum vocational institute).

Students studying abroad:

Xing Zhuoran (2016 Bachelor from HEBUT, 2016 Master in The University of Sydney, Australia)

Song Shaochun (2016 Bachelor from HEBUT, 2016 Master in The University of Sheffield, UK)

Zu Baokai (2012 Bachelor from Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, 2015 Joint PhD in Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA).

Li Jing (2014 Bachelor from HEBUT, 2014 Master in University of Southern California, USA)

Bai Jianchuan (2011 Bachelor from HEBUT, 2014 Joint PhD in Central Queensland University, Australia)

Cao Jingwei (2013 Master from HEBUT, 2013 PhD in University of Laval, Canada)

Zhang Yi (2013 Bachelor from HEBUT, 2013 Master in University of California, Irvine, USA)

Wu Panpan (2012 Master from TCU, 2013 Joint PhD in Wake Forest University and UMass Lowell)

Li Wei (2012 Bachelor from HEBUT, 2013 Master in The University of Edinburgh, UK)

Wang Shouda (2012 Bachelor from HEBUT, 2012 Master in New York U, 2014 works in Amazon, Seattle, USA)

Zheng Fei (2010 Bachelor from HEBUT, 2012 PhD in University of Sherbrooke, Canada)

Ren Yuzhuo (2011 Bachelor from HEBUT, 2011 PhD in University of Southern California, USA),

Tian Jian (2011 Bachelor from HEBUT, 2011 Master in UMaryland, 2013 works in GCS Co., Virginia, USA)

Wang Yujie (2011 Bachelor from HEBUT, 2011 Master in IIT, USA, 2014 works in Sony Co., SF, USA)

Zhang Peng (2006 Bachelor from HEBUT, 2012 Master in Eastern Michigan University, now works in USA)

Xu Guan (2006 Bachelor from HEBUT, 2006 PhD in Oklahoma State University; 2011 Postdoc in UMich; 2014 Assi. Prof. in UMich)


A PhD position in every year starting from September is available at Prof. Xia's research group for major in Electronic Science & Technology, HEBUT, China, with full scholarship support during four-year academic period. Prof. Xia is looking for a highly motivated and diligent international PhD student with Bachelor or Master (preferred) degree in EE or CS or related fields (such as computational mathematics, applied physics and industrial engineering) to conduct research on the above topics and exciting projects in his research group.

In addition, a postdoctoral fellow position in every year starting from anytime is available for international scholars who must be a PhD degree’s holder under the age of 40.

Interested applicants please contact Prof. Xia via email at kwxia@hebut.edu.cn, including the CV (in English or Chinese), transcripts and publications (if any).